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GIS Consultant

Location: Freetown , Sierra Leone
Experience: 0-5 Years
Skill Set: Monitoring and Evaluation , Programme Management , Research and Analysis
Nature of Job: Fixed term Contract
Compensation: As Per GOAL Guidelines.
Last date of Submission: 08 Oct 2012
Job Description

GOAL invites your company to make a firm offer for the following:

  1. Set up of GIS hardware, software and data for GVWC
    • Set up a new desktop computer and install ArcGIS 10 and the ArcPad 10 (all equipment and the software will be provided by GOAL)
    • Create an appropriate filing structure for the GIS and populate it with existing GIS data (the tap stand geodatabase and other base data will be provided by GOAL). This should include the linking of photos of each tap stand to the geodatabase.
  2. Training of seven participants in the use of ArcGIS 10 to manage GIS data on public water taps in Freetown. The skill level of participants will differ but all will have a basic knowledge and experience of using ArcGIS. Not all participants may be familiar with ArcGIS version 10. The consultant should provide four copies of the ArcGIS 10 software and two laptop computers for the purposes of the training. GOAL will provide the remaining four computers and two copies of ArcGIS 10.
    • Conduct and document a short quantitative pre-training test of participants general knowledge of GIS and skills in using ArcGIS 10.
    • Where required refresh the participants knowledge of the basics of ArcGIS 10.
    • Teach participants to perform basic analysis on the tap stand data including:
    • Querying the data
    • Joining data from Microsoft Excel
    • Creating reports and map layouts making use of other base data to show different attributes of the tap stand data such as functional vs. non-functional tap stands across areas of the city.
  3. Updating of data in the field using ArcPad 10 and Trimble Juno data collection devices. GOAL will provide three copies of ArcPad 10 and three Trimble Juno devices to be shared between two/three participants each.
    • Creation of suitable forms and procedures for editing of the tap stand geodatabase in ArcPad 10. These forms should enable the use of a RFID scanner linked to ArcPad to scan RFID tags and identify the tap stand as part of the editing process. A system for collecting data using ArcPad linked to an RFID scanner has already been developed and used to collect the tap stand data in the field. This can be made available to the consultant as a reference. Provision should also be made for the use of numbers which have already been painted on to each tap stand to be used as an alternative means of identifying the tap stand for the purposes of editing the geodatabase.
  4. Training of seven participants on how to check in and check out tap stand data in ArcGIS 10 and deploy it to a Trimble Juno device for disconnected editing in the field with relevant background data in ArcPad 10 using the form created under point 3.1 above.
  5. Training of seven participants in how to use the editing form created under point 3.1 above in ArcPad 10 with the data collection devices to update the geodatabase in the field. This should include a practical exercise in the field
  6. Conduct and document a post-training evaluation of the knowledge and skills of participants for comparison against the pre-training test scores

The consultant must include costs for food, local transport and accommodation. GOAL will provide a training venue.

Candidate Profile

More Information:

Your offer should clearly indicate:

  1. Proposed budget; an overall quotation in USD for all of the services listed under the ‘Requirements’ section
  2. Any taxes that apply
  3. Validity of the offer

You are required to supply the following supporting documentation:

  1. The consultants understanding of the ToR
  2. Proposed methodology to be adopted in achieving the ToR
  3. A detailed Training Programme
  4. Timeframe for completion of task
  5. Proposed budget; an overall quotation in USD for all of the services listed under the ‘Requirements’ section
  6. Two professional references (one of your own choice and the other from your last client/employer).

Interested candidates can send their resume at:  eramsay@sl.goal.ie

The subject line and email body should reference the following:

  • Request for Offer for a GIS consultant
  • GOAL Reference FRE-W-8353

Download Full Job Profile

Date Uploaded: 25 Sep 2012

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