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HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign, Total Sanitation Campaign
Total sanitation camapign undertaken from Govt. of India & Govt. of Assam, constructed 1200 no s IHHL for BPL families under one Sub-district of Nagaon (Assam). HIV/AIDS Awareness campaign undertaken from State Institute of Rural development, Growth centre Amoni, Nagaon (ASsam), completed 103 no s of camps only for Women under the reproductive age.

1. We have all staff members been trained on HIV, gender and non-discrimination.

2. We have skilled person to minimizes the potential risk of HIV transmission and the impacts of HIV on beneficiary groups, staff and volunteers;

3. We have existing monitoring & evaluation tools.

4. We have existing monitoring tools to capture information about the community response to HIVrelated shocks and stress.

5. Our organization assessed the wider effects of HIV, beyond the household, and analysed the impacts on social systems, human capital, infrastructure, environment and other community assets.

6. The organization have partner organization for HIV in meaningful and sustained ways (e.g. involvement in project design, consideration given to the types of groups formed, their meeting times and places, key messages and behaviours encouraged by project staff, etc).

7. We will services offered in a non-discriminatory and stigma free environment.

8. Have you adopted methods to ensure that the project does not increase stigma? (e.g. consideration given to the types of groups formed, their meeting times and places, key messages and behaviours encouraged by project staff, etc).

9. Tergated district have vulnerable individuals been targeted, regardless of their HIV status, paying attention to female-, child- and elderly-headed households, families supporting OVC and families caring for chronically ill people.

It is a social organization, consist of 7 executive member, 2 women members, 4 schedule Tribe, 3 general category. Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, also registered under Foreign Registration Act under Ministry of Home Affairs Govt. of India. With an aim & objective to community development specially for poor, schedule Tribe, and women and child.Have network of NGO within the state of Assam.
Contact Details : santulan_atma@yahoo.co.in 03672249192, 03672276331

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