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ZOA supports people who suffer because of armed conflict or natural disasters, in helping them to rebuild their livelihoods. We call on our constituency and partners, in the North and in the South, to take responsibility and get involved. We provide maximum added value to those we support and those who support us. Our mission can be summarized in three words: Relief, Hope, Recovery. We provide relief to people affected by conflict or natural disasters. We contribute to a new perspective of hope in which people work together for a promising future in dignity and mutual trust. Together with the affected communities we work on the recovery of their livelihoods.

In a world full of conflict, injustice, poverty, and disaster, we want to contribute to signs of hope and restoration. We see this being revealed where people experience peace, justice, and mutual trust again, and where they regain personal dignity and confidence. ZOA acts and contributes with the biblical perspective of God's Kingdom, which will bring reconciliation and restoration to its full extent. Meanwhile, God calls us to do justice and be faithful to people that need our support.


ZOA has approximately 700 employees. Most of them are locally recruited people. At the head office in Apeldoorn ZOA employs approximately sixty people, plus nine volunteers who facilitate ZOA's employees. In addition, 17.000 enthusiastic volunteers support ZOA's work as collectors. A few dozen expatriate staff work in the so called 'programme countries'. ZOA also offers young people the opportunity to gain work experience as trainees in our programs.



Country Coverage:  International

Focus Area:  Relief and Rehabilitation, Sustainable Development, Sanitation & Hygiene

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