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Education is fundamental to everything we do. It is the key to beating poverty and the greatest investment we can make for global prosperity and the future of our world. Education transforms countries and societies; an extra year of quality schooling lifts a country's annual economic growth by 1%. Living a long and healthy life is essential for every human being to prosper.

We work across a huge range of health issues from making sure babies have all they need in their first 100 days to working with governments to strengthen their health systems and infrastructures. Safe water and sanitation have the potential to save millions of lives around the world. Without them, killer illnesses and diarrhoea can thrive, and poor health stops people from even beginning to lift themselves out of poverty. By helping people meet these basic needs we can help prevent around 2.4 million unnecessary deaths every year and ensure that millions of people are able to live happier, healthier, more productive lives.

DFID is working to ensure that aid addresses both the causes and likely effects of climate change so that current and future progress in tackling poverty continues. We are climate-proofing all our aid programmes. We are supporting developing countries to adapt to climate change - for example, through practical on-the-ground support, by building climate knowledge and capacity in vulnerable countries and by helping to ensure countries get access to sufficient finance. We are also supporting the development of low carbon technology and the increased use of renewable energy to ensure that developing countries can move to a low carbon future that supports economic growth.


The DFID Management Board is chaired by the Permanent Secretary. Its membership includes the four Directors-General and two non-Executive Directors. The non-Executive Directors provide an external perspective on DFID's work, while knowing and understanding DFID as an organisation. The Management Board provides strategic direction to the management of DFID's operations, staff and financial systems, within the parameters of policies set by and in consultation with the Secretary of State.

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