City of Stirling seeks Application for Community Assistance Fund

City of Stirling
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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Detailed Description

The City of Stirling is seeking applications for its Community Groups Assistance Fund that is aimed at invigorating localised community capacity building programs and/or providing activation of the four Community Hub locations as well as local community centres.

The Community Groups Assistance Fund has been developed as part of the City of Stirling Economic Stimulus and Community Recovery package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Initiatives must demonstrate they meet the main objectives of the funding:


  • Build the capacity and wellbeing of the City of Stirling community
  • Enable organisations and community members to create lasting community connections in place
  • Meet the objectives of the City’s Social Planning objectives.

Funding Information

Grants are available of up to:

  • $500 for individuals and non-incorporated organisations
  • $5,000 for individuals/collectives with no ABN, and
  • $10,000 for sole traders/ incorporated organisations/small businesses and Not-For Profit groups.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible activities include the implementation of community capacity building and wellbeing initiatives, neighbourhood get-togethers (Get to Know Your Neighbours grants) or development of new projects and events for the benefit of the community.
  • Initiatives must demonstrate they meet the main objectives of the funding:
  • Build the capacity and wellbeing of the City of Stirling community.
  • Enable organisations and community members to create lasting community connections in place.
  • Meet the objectives of the City’s Social Planning objectives

Other eligibility requirements:

  • Individual applicants must reside in the City of Stirling.
  • Projects, events or activities should be of direct benefit to the City of Stirling community
  • Projects, events or activities must be delivered within the City of Stirling
  • An event application must be submitted for all events or activities with more than 100 people in attendance
  • Majority of participants for the project must live, work or study in the City of Stirling
  • Have sustainable outcomes (recurrent funding will not be given and programs that require this will be less likely to be supported)

The following recipients and activities will not be eligible for funding:

  • Applicants that have not met the terms and conditions of previous grants or have outstanding acquittals or debts to the City.
  • Applicants that are implementing a project that is currently being supported by the Community Groups Assistance Fund.
  • The same project has received funding from the City of Stirling in the past.
  • Costs associated with a project which have been accumulated prior to approval of the Community Groups Assistance Fund
  • Organisations aligned to a political cause.
  • The faith-based activities of religious organisations, this includes worship activities of a religious entity or group such as preaching, delivery of sermons, prayer services, rituals and the like.
  • Activities or projects that are already funded or supported by the City of Stirling.
  • Funds will not be provided to purchase alcohol.
  • Applications will not be approved for the same activity more than once per financial year.

Assessment Criteria

Community Capacity and Wellbeing outcomes (40%)

  • Support the development of strong, resilient communities and residents that are engaged with and contribute to their local community.    
  • Work with stakeholders to support a strong collaborative community services sector that is engaged with and support the diverse needs of specific community demographics.

Connection to the City of Stirling (40%) 

  • Empower connected and inclusive communities where residents feel a sense of belonging and have access to a wide range of community networks, wellbeing and capacity building initiatives.  
  • Enable community members to create lasting connections with their neighbours and/or localised community hubs.

Project viability and sustainability (20%) 

  • The likelihood proposed outcomes will be met and ability of applicant to deliver the project.
  • The potential for the project to lead to or support other opportunities or projects in the future.
  • Financial viability of project and effective use of resources.

Assessment and notification of funding


  • Eligible applications will be assessed against the criteria and funding recommendations made by a designated panel of up to two City of Stirling Officers.   
  • Notification of outcomes will generally occur within 10 working days of an application being submitted.  
  • The Assessment Panel may recommend full, part or no funding.   
  • Officers may request further information in considering any application, as well as the right to reject any application that is not eligible or does not adequately satisfy the criteria.  
  • Successful applicants will receive formal notification along with a checklist of requirements to access the funding.  
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be notified as soon as possible and provided with feedback as to the reasons the application was not successful and the procedure for appealing a decision.


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