Deep River and District Community Foundation Grant

Last date: 
Saturday, October 31, 2020

Detailed Description

The Deep River and District Community Foundation (DRDFC) is seeking applications for its Grants program. The Foundation will make grants on a regular basis to charities providing service to its community.

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The Deep River and District Community Foundation was established in 2002 to ensure a consistent source of funds for providing long-term benefits to the local community.

Focus Areas

The Foundations supports the following fund areas:

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  • Social Services;
  • Health;
  • Education;
  • The Environment;
  • Arts and Culture, and
  • Community.


  • To be eligible to receive a grant, an organization must be recognized as a “Qualified Donee” by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
  • Qualified Donees include any registered charity, any level of government, and most educational institutions.
  • Such organizations include Hospitals, Food Banks, seniors’ organizations, Arts organizations, Educational groups, Environmental organizations, Community facilities (the CRA excludes sports clubs).

Application Process

Grant Applications will be assessed by the Grants Committee based on funds available for disbursement in areas specified by the type of Fund, and on funding priorities.

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  • Complete the grant applications  DRDCF Grant Application Form and gather any requested information.
  • Submit form and information to the DRDCF by regular mail.
  • Note that Charities receiving grants must fill out a Post Grant Report after the project or activity is complete and submit to the Grant Committee.


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