EOI-Empanelment of transport service provider/firm/individual/NGO for Door-to-door collection & transportation of Municipal Waste generated in various wards

Jammu Municipal Corporation
Last date: 
Monday, June 21, 2021

Detailed Description

About the Organization:

Jammu Municipal Corporation, the erstwhile Jammu Municipality was established after the reforms under taken by Lord Rippan in the first quarter of 19th Century. The Provision of elective element in the Municipalities was introduced in the Year 1930. Next step towards the development of Municipality in the state was the passage of J & K Municipal Act 1941. In the 51st year of Republic of India, the State Legislature passed the J & K Municipal Corporation Act 2000, giving it status of Jammu Municipal Corporation. With the upgradation to the Status of Jammu Municipal Corporation.

Terms & Conditions:

Interested parties like:-

  • a transport service provider,
  • a firm,
  • an individual,
  • an NGO
  • can express their interest by submitting their offers to get themselves empaneled with Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) on first-come-first-serve basis to provide a maximum of 10 No. of Four Wheeled Garbage Auto Tippers each with one no. driver each with valid driving license & one no. helper each with an Auto Tipper as required by JMC for seamless door-to-door garbage collection & transportation services.

Scope of Work:

  • Total no. of Four Wheeled Garbage Auto Tippers to be hired, on first-come first-serve basis, from all empaneled entities by Jammu Municipal Corporation through the mechanism of this empanelment is 100. Maximum 10 No. Four Wheeled Garbage Auto Tippers of a single party/entity shall be hired by JMC unless required otherwise.
  • Each Four Wheeled Garbage Auto Tipper along with 01 no. driver with valid license and one no. helper provided on hire basis by the empaneled transport service provider/firm/individual/NGO shall work for 8-9 hours in a day for Doorto-Door collection of Municipal Waste from a minimum of 500 no. of households in a ward and for transporting the same to designated transfer stations/secondary collection points in or near a ward irrespective of the distance to be covered
  • Necessary tools and tackles if required in collection/lifting of municipal waste/ garbage shall be provided by Jammu Municipal Corporation. However, a canvas sheet cover of standard quality for each Auto Tipper shall be used by empaneled party/entity on its own cost to prevent falling & scattering of garbage on road during transportation. JMC shall provide I. Cards to the workers engaged in the work.
  • Helper with each Auto Tipper hired shall collect the garbage from households and shall segregate it in the Dry-Wet waste partitions of the Auto Tipper and assist the driver in every possible way during the working hours.

Criteria for selection of any Four Wheeled Garbage Auto Tipper for empanelment:

  • Garbage Auto Tipper should be Four Wheeled & should not be older than 3 years to be reckoned on the date of showing interest of expression
  • Garbage carrying capacity of such an Auto tipper should be 1.8 cum or more
  • Hydraulic Jack of suitable capacity should be pre-fitted for tipping of municipal waste at designated Transfer stations/secondary collection points
  • Devices with GPS platform i.e. software & hardware specifications as provided by Jammu Municipal Corporation shall be fitted on to these Auto Tippers to establish ease of monitoring. Cost of GPS device & its installation shall be born by empaneled party/entity. Operational cost of GPS shall also be paid by the empaneled entity/party by way of deduction from payment due to empaneled party/entity in a month.
  • 01 no. driver with valid license to drive such Auto Tipper and one no. helper to assist in door-to-door collection of Municipal Waste should be provided by the transport service provider/firm/individual/NGO. Both driver and helper shall work in tandem towards successful collection & transportation of garbage
  • A longitudinal partition made out of MS sheet of suitable height and thickness along the body of the Four Wheeled Garbage Auto Tipper for segregation of Dry and Wet waste should be pre-fitted/pre-welded.
  • Auto tipper body meant for collection of dry waste should be painted in Navy Blue colour and logos- DRY WASTE with JMC insignia in white paint should be pre-written & similarly partition meant for wet waste should be painted in green colour and logo WET WASTE with JMC insignia in white paint should be prewritten
  • Four Wheeled Garbage Auto Tipper should be pre-fitted with Public Address System (PAS)/loudspeaker with USB port also, capable of playing reasonably audible Swachhta slogans/jingles customized by Jammu Municipal Corporation.
  • Four Wheeled Garbage Auto Tipper should be road worthy with all necessary documents like RC, Insurance, Token tax, pollution check certificate, etc. of such Auto Tippers being valid and not have expired


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