This Foundation launches Grant Application Round for NPOs (Education, Health & Environment)

Kosciusko County Community Foundation
Last date: 
Sunday, November 1, 2020

Detailed Description

The Kosciusko County Community Foundation has launched the Community Funds Grants Program. These grants are awarded based on a competitive grant application process. Nonprofit organizations serving Kosciusko County are eligible to apply in seven areas of interest:

Areas of Interest

  • Education
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Arts & Culture
  • Environment
  • Civic
  • Recreation

The Foundation favors awarding grants for:

  • Reach a broad segment of the community, especially those affecting citizens whose needs are not being met by existing services that are normally expected to be provided by private rather than government sources
  • Request seed money to create innovative opportunities to meet needs in the community
  • Stimulate and encourage additional funding
  • Promote cooperation and avoid duplication
  • Help make a charitable organization more effective and efficient to be self-sustaining

Geographic Area:

  • Kosciusko County

The Foundation will not consider grants for:

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  • Individuals;
  • Political activities or those designated to influence legislation;
  • National organizations (unless the monies are to be used solely to benefit citizens of Kosciusko County);
  • Fund-raising projects;
  • The direct benefit of the donor or the donor’s family;
  • Religious organizations for the sole purpose of furthering that religion (this prohibition does not apply to funds created by donors who have specifically designated religious organizations as beneficiaries of the funds);
  • Contributions to endowments.

The Foundation places a low priority on the following, which are unlikely to receive funding:

  • Projects where Kosciusko County Community Foundation is the sole funder;
  • Reduction of debt (including payment for items purchased prior to grant approval);
  • Travel;
  • Attendance at conferences, seminars or other projects;
  • Programs that fall more appropriately under government funding, such as operating expenses for public;
  • Schools and police or fire protection;
  • Requests from organizations that have an open Community Funds grant file (i.e., a balance remaining on a previous grant or an unfiled final report).


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