Proposals Call for Hydro-Agricultural and Pastoral Developments

Last date: 
Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Burkina Faso

Detailed Description

The Enabel is inviting proposals for the Hydro-Agricultural and Pastoral Developments in the Center-Est region, Burkina Faso. Enabel commissioned an inventory of infrastructure in region. This study, currently finalization, also takes into account the survey of hydro-agricultural and pastoral infrastructures and deepens the qualitative aspects related to infrastructure management.

Development activities hydro-agricultural and pastoral work is complementary to activities entrusted to other development partners. implementation of the Intervention, in particular the extension of the rural labor-intensive road network linking the basins with high production potential with markets and business services, the realization municipal or inter-municipal infrastructure in promising economic sectors, social intermediation around these infrastructures and other activities aimed at improving services financial and non-financial to businesses.

Other initiatives already exist in the Center-East region in terms of development hydroagricultural. These include the following projects: i) Bagrepole growth pole, ii) the Project Qualiriz de Rikolto with its smart Valley approach, iii) The Upland Rice Project, iv) The Development Project Agricultural Small Dams (ProValAB).

Funding Information

  • The overall indicative amount made available under this call for proposals is 2,200,000 EUR. The contracting authority reserves the right not to award all the funds available.

The indicative total amount is divided into 2 lots with a minimum and maximum for each lot indicated in parentheses:

Lot 1: hydro-agricultural improvements (minimum 1,500,000 EUR / maximum 1,800,000 EUR)

Lot 2: pastoral development (minimum 300,000 EUR / maximum 400,000 EUR)


The general objective of this call for proposals is to contribute to economic development and inclusive and sustainable social in the Center-East region.

The specific objectives of this call for proposals are as follows:

  • Contribute to the creation of decent jobs, primarily for women and young people by construction of productive infrastructure in the agricultural and pastoral fields
  • Contribute to the sustainable management of agro-pastoral and conflict infrastructures community related to access to natural resources

Applicant files must demonstrate the contribution of the proposals to the changes following:

  • Development and rehabilitation of around ten agricultural sites (lowland, irrigated area, market gardening area) and around twenty water supply units for pastoral purposes;
  • Supplying local markets with agricultural and livestock products;
  • Strengthening the skills of local actors (populations, municipalities, service decentralized techniques) in the construction and management of infrastructure;
  • Improving the employability of target populations (young people, untrained people, low and limited income, displaced populations);
  • The functionality of community structures for the management and maintenance of facilities and productive equipment;
  • The inclusion of women and young people in decision-making bodies and the promotion of female leadership;

In coordination with the contracting authority, applicants will help fill in indicators performance, disaggregated by gender and age, relating to:

  • Number of operators and / or users of hydro-agricultural and pastoral facilities;
  • Agricultural areas (re) enhanced
  • Functionality of local infrastructure management and maintenance structures
  • Public-private partnerships established and functional.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for grants, the applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • be a non-profit association or a foundation or a legal person under private law whose profit maximization is not the primary objective or a legal person of public Law;
  • be established or represented in Burkina Faso;
  • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicant (s) and not act as an intermediary;
  • have a mandate or a mission in line with the subject of this call for proposals;
  • be able to justify an experience of at least 5 years in supporting communities and rural communities in the development of agricultural lands and pastoral spaces;
  • be able to justify an experience of at least 5 years in the design and supervision of development work in rural areas;
  • have already managed a subsidy equivalent to 50% of the requested amount (a certificate of successful completion signed by the lessor is required and will constitute proof)
  • be able to justify previous experiences with an international donor in connection with the theme of this call;
  • Note: The applicant can act either individually or with one or more co-applicants.


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