RFP for Selection of Agency for Project Management Support for implementation of skill training program for rural masons under ORMAS

Odisha Rural Development & Marketing Society
Last date: 
Saturday, November 30, 2019

Detailed Description


Ministry of Rural Development with the objective of improving the quality of construction and ensure availability of skilled mason for construction of house, has incorporated a very critical component of rural mason training under Rural Housing. Qualification pack for the rural mason training in alignment with the national Skill Qualification Framework has been developed and the states have been advised to conduct rural mason training as per the approved qualification pack. This initiative is aimed not only to contribute towards quality construction, but also to ensure additional livelihood generation for rural mason.

Training guidelines for rural masons

Under various state and central training schemes, training is being offered in Masonry, Bar bending, Shuttering Carpentry and Plumbing. However, there is a great demand for a skilled resource available in rural areas who is master of all the relevant trades. Hence a Qualification Pack for ‘Skilled Rural Mason’ has been developed by Ministry of Rural Development in collaboration with Construction Skill Development Council of India (CSDCI). The uniqueness about this Qualification is about multi-skilling the trainees in necessarily relevant trades which is needed for successful coverage under Rural Housing. For the RPL candidates, the training is primarily onsite training, to be delivered on the site during construction of the house. For fresh training, training duration is for approximate one and half to two months. 80% attendance is mandatory for the trainees to be eligible to appear for assessments. All trainings shall be imparted by CSDCI / DGT certified trainers who have completed the ToT programme.

Scope of Work

The following summary of scope of work has been envisaged under the assignment:

  • Facilitate in development of a skill implementation framework and the corresponding strategy, roadmap and implementation plan
  • Strategic review of the processes and provisions as per the existing skill training SoPs
  • Support in streamlining of the overall skill implementation framework
  • Create an enabling environment in the state to motivate Training Providers to participate
  • Development of Standard Operation Procedures and Key Performance Indicators
  • Design a monitoring mechanism for a streamlined implementation of the scheme
  • Support and facilitate registration of Training Providers and candidates
  • Design of framework for overall resource mobilization for the programme area
  • Liaison and coordination with Ministry, relevant departments and other stakeholders concerned with or providing assistance on sustainable livelihoods
  • Support capacity building and training management for all the key stakeholders including Training Providers, PIAs, beneficiaries etc

Key Deliverables

  • The expected deliverables of the consultancy services will be to provide high quality services to the state team of ORMAS in implementation of the training programme along with deployment of qualified manpower. The manpower will be deployed as agreed in the agreement. This dedicated team of experts / professionals would be appointed by the Agency for carrying out the assignment. The ‘Agency’ shall provide technical assistance for overall program management of skill training to masons under the scheme
  • Submission, Sealing, and Marking of Proposals
  • The Agency shall submit a signed and complete Proposal comprising the documents and forms. The submission can be done by dropping the full proposal in the tender box as prescribed in Data Sheet.
  • An authorized representative of the Agency shall sign the original submission letters in the required format for both the Technical Proposal and, if applicable, the Financial Proposal and shall initial all pages of both. The authorization shall be in the form of a written power of attorney attached to the Technical Proposal.


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