True Colours Trust announces Small Grants Programme for Hospices & Palliative Care Providers

True Colours Trust
Last date: 
Tuesday, September 1, 2020
Central African Republic

Detailed Description

The Trustees of the True Colours Trust have set aside funds towards a small grants programme for hospices and palliative care providers across Africa to support the development of palliative care.

Funding Priorities

Priority is given to the following, in no particular order:

  • Training courses for palliative care service providers held in Africa (applicants must supply a curriculum / outline of the topics to be covered, Curriculum vitae (CVs) of the trainers, fill out the training template and supply the name of the accrediting body. Funds will be released on receiving the letter of acceptance for the training institution for those applying to undertake courses). For this round, training in dealing with Covid-19, including prevention, containment, referral and use of PPE, will also be considered.
  • Equipment for patients (e.g. beds, wheelchairs). For this round, equipment may also include PPEs for staff and patients, or any other equipment to support palliative care patients during the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Projects supporting paediatric palliative care services (this could include purchasing toys, integrating paediatric services into an existing programme, developing materials for advocacy, etc.).
  • Palliative care Essential Medicines and Personal Protection Equipment. For this round, medicines and equipment may include that intended to ensure the safety of patients and staff including PPE; masks, aprons, gowns, face shields, temperature guns, hand sanitiser, soap, etc.
  • Capital improvement costs (such as refurbishing buildings to improve the patient experience, buying furniture, etc.) For this round, capital improvement costs may include the adaptation of existing spaces to ensure the safety of staff and patients during the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Developing small palliative care projects (integrating palliative care components into existing health care services, adapting palliative care models, quality improvement activities such as Palliative Care standards, developing materials among others. and helping health care providers to establish new palliative care projects where none currently exist. For this round, applications for the costs of adapting existing projects and services in light of the Covid-19 crisis will be considered.
  • Increasing access to palliative care services in rural areas. For this round, applications for work on sensitising palliative care patients and communities about Covid-19 will be considered. They will also consider applications towards the costs of airtime or virtual visiting for palliative care patients.

Funding Information

  • The size of grants ranges from £500- £5,000.

Grants will not be approved for:

  • Attending conferences
  • Education courses outside Africa
  • General work with children and young people which does not adhere to the WHO definition of palliative care
  • Per Diems or grants to individuals or governments.
  • Salary costs since multi-year grants are not considered.
  • Only registered hospices and/or palliative care providers in any setting of care can apply.
  • Any organisation currently funded by the True Colours Trust even if is that funding is not from the small grants programme.


All applicants must include the following documents with their application:

  • Clear details of how the services provided will be adapted to ensure the safety of staff and patients during the Covid-19 pandemic, if appropriate.
  • Clear address and direction to the physical premises of the facility where the applying organisation operates from.
  • A copy of the registration of your organisation confirming that it is a legal entity in the country of operation.
  • At least two reference letters from a relevant local hospice and/or palliative care organisation, national palliative care association, the ministry of health or district or municipal health authorities or its representative, professional bodies like nursing council or medical council or any other credible network organisation e.g. cancer society, hospital, academic institution.
  • A reference from a current or previous donor sent to APCA directly.
  • Proof of employment with the organisation of the person responsible for the project.
  • Proof of registration of the person responsible with the relevant professional body/council such as the Medical Council where applicable.
  • A copy of a valid work permit if the responsible person is not a national.
  • Current audited accounts. In the absence of current audited accounts, please provide an explanation of why it is not possible to provide accounts and instead submit an annual statement of income and expenditure.
  • Detailed project budget using the provided template. The budget should be provided both in the local currency and GBP currency, indicating the date of currency conversion and rate used. The budget MUST NOT exceed the proposed range of £500 to £5000.
  • A copy of the organisation structure. Alternatively, a summary list of staff positions in the organisation indicating number of people per position.
  • Curriculum vitae (CVs) of the key institutional contact, the person responsible for project coordination and for the person responsible for finance management of the project.

If applying for training courses, please also include the following:

  • Completed training sheet for activities involving training using the attached template.
  • Attach Curriculum vitae (CVs) of the trainers.


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