Woollahra Municipal Council: Community and Cultural Grants

Woollahra Municipal Council
Last date: 
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Detailed Description

Council’s Community and Cultural Grants Program is a non-recurrent grants program made available to non-profit community based organizations, groups or individuals who provide an activity or program which is of benefit to the residents of the Woollahra Municipality – or to particular target groups within Woollahra – and which strengthen community networks and relationships.

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Grants are intended to provide seed-funding to support innovative, new initiatives and are not intended to lead to a dependency on Council for ongoing funding.

The objective of the Community and Cultural Grants Program is to support organizations, groups or individuals who provide an activity or program that works towards a connected, livable, vibrant and creative community for all. Groups and individuals applying for funds should be based within the boundaries of Woollahra Local Government Area and/or principally serve people living and working in the Woollahra Local Government area.


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  • Encourage respect for social and cultural diversity;
  • Foster and build community partnerships and networks;
  • Provide support for vulnerable people;
  • Develop and deliver initiatives to overcome social isolation;
  • Preserve and promote local history, including Indigenous history;
  • Encourage and support the creativity and vibrancy of our community;
  • Initiate, support and promote accessible arts, artists and cultural development.

Funding Information

The Community and Cultural Grants Program provide:

  • Small Grants of up to $2,000, available to non-profit community based organizations, groups or individuals;
  • Large Grants of between $2,000 and $7,500, available to non-profit community based organizations or groups.

Organizations not eligible for funding

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  • For-profit groups, businesses and organizations.
  • NSW Government or Australian Government agencies and their entities (including schools, area health services and hospitals).
  • Political parties.
  • Groups which have not fulfilled previous Woollahra Council Grant conditions and specifications.
  • Organizations with substantial funds other than for asset replacement and staff entitlements.

Projects not eligible for funding

  • Profit-making and fundraising projects.
  • Projects which are already commenced or completed.
  • Purchase of buildings or land.
  • Capital works, defined as a building work that creates an asset or asset improvement, such as a kitchen upgrade or building a ramp.
  • Staff positions that require recurrent funding.
  • Projects undertaken for business development.

Scope of Projects

Community Projects

  • These include but are not limited to services/projects/activities which complement the Council’s own services and identified priorities in the areas of families, children and young people seniors, social isolation, mental health, cultural diversity, people with disability, community safety, domestic violence, and building community partnerships and networks. Projects must foster inclusion and be open to the community.

Cultural Projects

  • This includes a broad range of cultural development initiatives that are in line with priorities identified by Council. Examples include but are not limited to performing and visual arts and crafts, literature, film, design, history and heritage and their expression through public debate, festivals, exhibitions, performances, creative space, competitions and public celebrations of importance to communities. Projects must foster inclusion and be open to the community.


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  • The grants provided by Council are to be expended on projects and activities outlined in the application and should not lead to organizations or groups becoming dependent on Council for future allocations of funds.
  • An application should include a copy of the group/organization’s latest audited financial statement and balance sheet. A statement of income and expenditure should be provided where an organization is not subject to audit requirements. All accumulated funds should be adequately explained. Any organization with substantial unused reserves will not be eligible.
  • Organizations and groups must be not-for-profit, such as incorporated organizations, companies limited by guarantee, charities and co-ops. Non-incorporated groups and individuals can apply for grants if they are able to demonstrate their not-for-profit status and an ability to administer the grant effectively.
  • Individuals may only apply for Small Community and Cultural Grants, that is, for amounts of up to $2,000. Individuals will not be granted funding for capital items, even when the item relates to a project or program, unless under the auspices of a not-for-profit organization. A capital item is a tangible asset (for example a kiln or a boat), that would remain in the property of the applicant.
  • Successful applicants will be required to complete an acquittal, which includes an evaluation of the project, and evidence of expenditure of funds, including appropriate receipts. The acquittal should be completed soon after the completion of the project.
  • Successful applicants must give appropriate acknowledgement of Council’s support in all their promotional material and programming information for the project/service.
  • A maximum of $7,500 can be given to any group/organization per grants round.
  • The grant will be fully expended within the financial year of funding, unless approval for an extension has been requested and approved in writing. Any unspent funds are to be returned to Council.

Selection Criteria

Applications for a Grant must be made online on the appropriate Small or Large Community and Cultural Grants Program application form, and include all requested information. Each application will be assessed against how well the proposed project meets the criteria, as well as the merit of the project in relation to other applications, and its eligibility for funding from other sources.

Small Grants Program

  • Project meets one or more of the identified priority strategies;
  • Project provides opportunity for community participation, engagement or skills development to residents of Woollahra;
  • Project has the capacity to become independent of ongoing financial assistance from Council;
  • Applicant demonstrates ability to effectively manage and deliver community or cultural services / activities;
  • Evidence base supports the efficacy of the project;
  • A well thought-out evaluation process;
  • Cost-effective, well thought-out budget including quotes as necessary.

Large Grants Program

  • Partnerships formed with other local organizations or groups and/or;
  • Complements existing services and activities in the local area.


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