Administrative Assistant

World Bank, Bangkok, Thailand

Skill Required:, Research and Analysis
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
17th March, 2021

Job Description


Do you want to build a career that is truly worthwhile? Working at the World Bank Group provides a unique opportunity for you to help our clients solve their greatest development challenges. The World Bank Group is one of the largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries; a unique global partnership of five institutions dedicated to ending extreme poverty, increasing shared prosperity and promoting sustainable development. With 189 member countries and more than 120 offices worldwide, we work with public and private sector partners, investing in groundbreaking projects and using data, research, and technology to develop solutions to the most urgent global challenges. 


The World Bank is an international financial institution which provides financial and technical assistance to support economic growth and poverty reduction in developing countries. The World Bank is a committed partner in the effort to help Cambodia bring about growth, good governance, and poverty reduction for the people of Cambodia. The World Bank brings three things to this effort: i) Global knowledge and expertise to undertake research and provide policy advice; ii) Financing for investment projects and policy-based budget support; iii) Support for development partner coordination. As a member of our staff, you will join a team of specialist and operational staff dedicated to supporting effective partnership, with Government, development partners and civil society across a range of governance, social and economic sectors.

Regional Context

The East Asia and Pacific Region presents a dramatic illustration of the principal global dynamics, opportunities and risks of the 21st century. After making the fastest progress in growth and poverty reduction of any region around the world in the last quarter century, some countries in the region are poised to become middle-income, and others are preparing to join the small group of high-income countries. Such rapid transformation is leading to the largest shift in rural-to-urban population in human history, generating rising inequality within and across countries, while leaving some countries, sub-national regions and groups behind. The continuing global financial crisis also threatens the sustainability of the gains with countries across the region being forced to address the resulting impacts on macroeconomic stability, economic growth, employment and poverty.

Country Context:

  • Thailand stood out in Southeast Asia for its strong social, policy, and administrative stability and security throughout the second half of the 20th century, which paved the way for rapid social and economic development into the 21st century. By contrast, the country’s political governance has been marked by significant volatility and frequent extra-constitutional changes of government. Since the coup in May 2014, the political outlook has been broadly stable, the royal transition proceeded smoothly, and national elections are currently expected in the first part of 2019. Economic growth has accelerated from an average of 2.3 percent in 2014-2016 to around 4% in 2017-2018. Strong exports and a fiscal stimulus, much of it for public infrastructure investments, are the key drivers of growth. Still sluggish private consumption and investment remain a challenge. Thailand is taking a keen interest and a leading role in promoting regional integration, and is an important source of cross-border investments for neighboring countries. Inequality has been declining slowly, but remains high: the Northeast and deep South are lagging; with an ongoing conflict in Southern Thailand contributing to poverty in the area. A new 20 Year National Strategy (2017-2036) has been developed, with a vision to lift Thailand from low-tech, labor-intensive sectors to higher value-added and technologically advanced activities, propelling Thailand towards becoming an innovative, knowledge-based economy.

Unit Context

  • The BMPT Country Management Unit (CMU), manages the World Bank’s programs in Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, four dynamic countries in South East Asia. There is considerable variation in the program across the four countries – the Philippines continues as an IBRD Borrower with a strong analytical and technical assistance program; Thailand has a new and growing RAS program and a number of trust funded operations; Malaysia is the home of a Malaysia-government financed WBG Knowledge and Research Hub and an established RAS program; and Brunei is a high income country with an emerging RAS program. The common thread is the importance of the knowledge partnership among the Bank and the host governments and other partners. This knowledge partnership is vibrant and innovative and has exciting potential to bring the development experience of all four countries to the client.

Duties and Accountabilities

  • The Administrative Assistant is the focal point of administration in an 80 person country office led by a Country Manager. The Administrative Assistant reports to the Country Manager.
  • This position is to assist in the management of the administrative functions in the Thailand Country Office, specific responsibilities are outlined below.

Responsible for all aspects of asset management

  •  Ensures compliance with bank policies and procedures within the Organization
  •  Proactively manages the installed asset base including asset redeployment, upgrade, trade-in, replacement and retirement / disposal
  •  Acts as control point for asset tracking within the unit
  •  Keeps up to date the asset management records
  •  Conducts periodic physical inventory (once a year )
  •  Assigns property to individual staff (including decisions on when items removed from the premises must be returned)
  •  Maintains inventory records of Bank property in office and residences of expatriate staff, recommends replacement, places orders for purchase of new equipment and organizes disposal of furniture and equipment through public and staff auctions
  •  Reports property inventory changes in the asset management system
  •  Arranges prompt retirement of equipment surplus to unit’s needs in accordance with Bank policies and procedures

Responsible for all aspects of facilities management

  •  Maintain regular communication with building management team and coordinate with them whenever issues arise
  •  Coordinate with the car parking office, provide monthly report to the car parking office every month and manage the car parking spaces
  •  Ensure that office equipment, furniture, carpet and vehicles are in a good condition and get proper maintenance
  •  Update and maintain the control system for office supplies such as gasoline, mobile phones, and stationery
  •  Arrange the storage for keeping the office documents
  •  Implements the outsourcing contracts for facilities management and acts as the focal point for contract management issues

Relocation support: supports expat in various logistics related issues when they relocate to Thailand as well as when they leave Thailand

  •  Arrangement of visa (stay permit and re-entry visa) for relocating staff, family and dependent parents.
  •  Application of ID-Cards for IRS and spouse.
  •  Assist staff in opening of local bank account
  •  Coordination with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to resolve/escalate various issues relating to staff entitlement under diplomatic privilege and immunities guideline. Some of the issues are:
  •  same gender partners visa
  •  custom clearance
  •  exception on extension of shipment period on case by case basis
  •  expediting visa of certain nationalities
  •  getting staff clearance when being stopped at immigration control,
  • car purchase for IRS staff, etc.
  •  Applying for Vehicle Purchase/Sale/Transfer Approval from MOFA i.e. new local car, secondhand car or importing car,
  •  Arrangement of periodic/courtesy meetings with MOFA for Thailand Country Manager to maintain good relationship with MOFA

 Travel service support

  • Provide assistance in acquiring visa to enter Thailand for missions trips
  • Provide timely assistance to staff at Immigration when problems arise
  • Coordinate with the hotel and HQ travel unit on the hotel proposal
  • Select and ensure that the appropriate hotels are on the Bank list/website and the price is reasonable
  • Coordinate with the World Bank Group’s designated travel agent (AMEX Travel Agent) and General Services Department (GSD)

Coordinates transportation management:

  • Maintains office vehicles including registration, servicing, and fuel purchase
  • Allocates driver duties and processes their overtime
  • Assigns vehicles to staff (local staff pick-up / drop-off)

 Shipping and customs clearance

  • Responsible for ensuring timely processing of shipping and customs clearance for official shipments
  • Provide assistance in helping the arriving and departing Internationally Recruited Staff (IRS) family to process the custom clearance for the shipment of their personal household effects from other countries

 Security: In close consultation with the RSA and the Country manager,

  • act as Security Champion for the country office
  • keep the Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plan up-to-date and implements recommendations of security assessment report prepared by the RSA
  • respond promptly to security issues in close consultation with the Watch Office, the RSA and the Country Manager as necessary
  • conduct regular drills and simulations to test security preparedness of the office
  • Maintain missions logs for security purposes and provides security reports and updates to staff/missions as necessary

 Manage the outsourced staff (i.e. office assistant, receptionist, drivers, messenger, security guards, and maids)

  • Manage the contract
  • Ensure that quality services are delivered
  • Help resolve day-to-day administrative issues

Human Resources Management Support

  • Support recruitment and selection processes;
  • Provide information and assistance on benefits policies and related issues (e.g., financial assistance loans, staff retirement plan, dependency allowance, overtime pay)


  • VAT Exemption Service: follow up VAT exemption, coordinate with MOFA, and resolve issues related to the VAT Exemption
  •  Solves non-routine problems (e.g., responds to requests requiring file search, etc.) and does adhoc tasks if required.

Selection Criteria

  •  Minimum Education: Bachelor degree in any fields
  •  The ideal candidate will have a BA degree with at least 3 years work experience in relevant position such as administration assistance in multi-national or international organization.
  •  Ability to follow through on team priorities in the absence of the team leader and respond to requests for information.
  •  Ability to adapt to changing business needs by continuous learning/training
  •  Ability to produce high-quality work under pressure.
  •  Committed team player with demonstrated inter-personal skills and ability to work
  •  High level of personal and professional integrity
  •  Excellent interpersonal, problem-solving and diplomatic skills
  •  Fluent in English language, in addition to a native command of Thai, with excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing, including proven skills in report-writing.
  •  Strong computer/ information technology skills.
  •  Knowledge of and familiarity with World Bank administrative, resource management and human resource management procedures/policies; SAP and other World Bank administrative systems would be an advantage.


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