Area Logistics Officer

Medair, Congo

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource MobilizationProject Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
7th September, 2020

Job Description

Role & Responsibilities

Responsible for the daily running of the base facility / office /guesthouse making sure that the living and work area will be arranged for all staff.

Project Overview

Multi-sector Ebola emergency response program including: Health; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene; and Community Engagement in Katwa, Butembo and Kalunguta health zones. Additionally logistics support will be provided to the team and programs based in Beni.

Workplace & Conditions

Field based position in Beni, D. R. Congo. This is a field-based position and working and living conditions may be very different to that previously experienced. Take a look at Medair’s work in D.R. Congo.

Key Activity Areas

Logistics Management

  • Overall management of the Butembo sub-base, including contract management (rent, utilities, security), ongoing maintenance, discrete projects and any other duties that may arise to ensure the smooth running of the base and office space.
  • Overall management of the maintenance and quality control of any construction work on Medair premises.
  • Make sure the base remains well stocked and furnished, while complying with the Medair procurement procedures.
  • Provide logistics oversight and support to Beni team procuring materials in Butembo, and Butembo/Katwa/Kalunguta teams operating out of Butembo (materials, vehicles/fuel, etc.).
  • Support field teams to provide additional supervision to ongoing infrastructure works, as needed and requested by WASH PM/Project Coordinator.


  • Develop weekly duty rotas and ensure the appropriate room allocations for staff based in Butembo and those transiting through.
  • Meet the logistics related administrative requirements of Medair, donors, local legislation, suppliers, contractors and any other stakeholders, so that the logistical aspects of Butembo facilities function efficiently, effectively and with integrity.
  • Review, develop and implement (as applicable) systems to improve transparency and to detect and ultimately prevent loss or fraud within logistics. Carry-out regular inspections and spot-checks, both on systems and on-going work, to ensure the best use of Medair assets and resources.
  • In addition to the main base manager duties, be flexible and adaptable to cross cover other logistics positions in Beni and in field sites as required.

Staff Management

  • Manage and oversee the base staff, including recruitment, day-to-day management, development and training, appraisal, etc.
  • Hold regular team meetings with the direct reports, reviewing team and individual objectives and ensuring team members are kept informed of issues relevant to their work.
  • Develop and maintain a transparent, honest and supportive communication structure with colleagues to ensure they are kept informed of applicable activities and requirements.
  • Maintain positive relationships with suppliers, local authorities, other NGOs and any other stakeholders related to base management. Logistics, security, representing Medair and ensuring good co-operation and partnerships

Base Security

  • Working in conjunction with the Country Director, Deputy Country Directors, and Beni PC to ensure Butembo facilities are secure and compliant with Medair DRC security requirements.
  • Develop Guard schedules and ensure guard coverage.


  • Facilitate welcoming and familiarising visitors and new comers with the base. Facilitate spaces and routines that enhance community.

Team Spiritual Life

  • Reflect the values of Medair with team members, local staff, beneficiaries, and external contacts.
  • Work, live, and pray together in our Christian faith-based team settings. Fully contribute to the rich spiritual life of your team, including team devotions, prayers, and words of encouragement.
  • Encouraged to join and contribute to Medair’s international prayer network.
  • This job description covers the main tasks that are anticipated. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary.


  • University degree in relevant subject as Logistics/Management/Business Administration or equivalent professional / technical qualification.
  • Strong working knowledge of English (spoken and written).
  • Strong working knowledge of French or Swahili.

Experience / Competencies

  • Project Management / Security management / and/or Logistics Management experience.
  • 2+ years’ experience working in a cross-cultural setting, and 1+ year in insecure setting.
  • Able to develop and maintain effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Diplomatic, especially for working with authorities and suppliers.
  • Technical understanding of mechanical and communication equipment.
  • Good numerical and report writing skills. Problem solving ability. Attention to detail.
  • Strong leadership skills and a supportive management style. Strong administrator.
  • Able to oversee multiple tasks, prioritising and delegating as required.
  • Team-player with good communication and inter-personal skills.
  • Creative, open-minded, flexible, self-learner


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