Associate Budget and Mangement Services Analyst

Asian Development Bank(ADB), Headquarters, Philippines

Skill Required:, Finance and AccountsMonitoring and Evaluation
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
17th April, 2015

Job Description

Expected Outcomes

Works independently on all or a combination of the following transactions and/or clearly defined areas, depending on the assignment/instructions from supervisors (International Staff and/or senior National Staff):

Budget Preparation

  • Contributes to ADB-wide budget process by coordinating, compiling, reviewing and analyzing budget submissions from various departments/offices in discretionary expense items of business travel and staff consultants. Ensures data accuracy, integrity and completeness; prepares various types of statistical tables, summaries, analyses, appendices and other support documents for timely completion of budget document.
  • Undertakes trend and budget growth analyses, determines parameters and bases in the formulation of ADB-wide discretionary expense items and estimates budgetary resource requirements after taking into consideration departments/offices' requests and work programs. Prepares quarterly department-wise and vice presidency-wise quarterly business travel utilization analysis for rationalization of business travel.

Budget Analysis

  • Analyzes departmental submissions on business travel and staff consultants budget by program category (mission activity) and by department/office.
  • Prepares and analyzes tables and annexes on business travel and staff consultants, and verifies data for consistency, correctness and accuracy.
  • Assists in assessment and review, as basis of requests and provides computations, in order to provide concerned officers with appropriate basis for decision making.
  • Suggests action points for BPMSD management on regular basis based on rigorous analyses of business travel and staff consultant utilization data.
  • Formulates preliminary ADB-wide business travel and staff consultants budgets taking into account departments' utilization by program category including RMs/ROs.
  • Coordinates with departments'/RMs' coordinators and provides assistance in terms of budget reallocation and monitoring.
  • Prepares detailed analyses of the utilization of the discretionary expenses (business travel and staff consultants) by department/office that serve as basis during budget allocations, strengthen linkage with work program outputs, staffing and cost information analysis.
  • Prepares various presentations in an analytical and comprehensive manner on business travel and staff consultant utilization, collection and analysis of information for further studying the possibility of economizing short distance travel.

Budget Monitoring

  • Rigorously monitors utilization of above expense items, analyzes variances between approved budget and actual utilization, and makes relevant recommendations to concerned officers.
  • Prepares overall budget utilization status for business travel and staff consultants on a monthly basis.
  • Coordinates with CTAC on accruals of these expense items to ensure that budget data are consistent with ADB's financial statements and highlights significant exceptions in order to facilitate any corrective measure. Prepares comprehensive year-end reports, serving as budget post-evaluation, and provides analysis on budget overruns and underruns of these expense items.

System Maintenance

  • Ensures accuracy in maintenance and update of approved budgets for business travel and staff consultants in the BMCS that serve as the basis in monitoring the budget utilization and budget balances of departments/offices. Provides support and clarifies on queries and problems encountered by users of the BMCS. Documents system errors and suggests/identifies enhancement to the BMCS.

Database Management

  • Regularly downloads large volume of data on business travel and staff consultants for analytical purposes. Participates in the redesign and implementation of generating reports and analysis (Oracle Discoverer).

Management Services

  • Provides support to assessment of work programs by collecting and compiling data and preparing related documentation as guided by concerned officers.

Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related fields

Work experience

  • At least 5 years experience in planning and budget analysis, or finance/accounting

Technical knowledge

  • Thorough understanding of the role and function of the Division and a good general understanding of the organization's purpose
  • Good working knowledge of ADB procedures, formats and standards
  • Proven ability to work independently on assigned transactions, areas of analysis and research, which have well-defined scope and steps
  • Able to conduct cost-benefit analysis to support decision-making
  • Able to set priorities for self and junior team members
  • Advance computer skills in word-processing, spreadsheets and graphics
  • Ability to deal and manage large sets of data with high level of accuracy and reliability
  • Proficient in ADB standard software programs and information technologies
  • Proven ability to analyze relationships among problems or situations

People and leadership skills

  • Able to provide guidance to other AS staff on assigned area of work
  • Able to liaise and work effectively with other staff within own work location
  • Able to work collaboratively with teams as a constructive team member- Able to work with individual from different cultural/national backgrounds


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