Associate Scientist - Rice Crop Improvement

International Rice Research Institute(IRRI), Islamabad, Pakistan

Skill Required:, Research and Analysis
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
26th January, 2015

Job Description

Job Purpose

  • The successful candidate will conceptualize, plan and conduct research studies including activities such as preparation, improvement and/or development of necessary research tools, data collection, analysis and interpretation. Work closely with collaborating partner(s), exchange information and present research findings (seminar, conferences, and publications). Supervise, coach and guide scholars, researchers and research technicians. Prepare and provide trainings as needed.
  • This position is based at IRRI Country Office in Islamabad, Pakistan and can only be filled by citizens and permanent residents of Pakistan.

Roles and Responsibilities

Plan and design multiple experiments/surveys and research studies in the field of rice crop

  • Prepare research outline stating rationale, hypothesis, experimental lay-out, statistical design, timetable of activities and parameters/observations to be measured/recorded
  • Organize research equipments by procuring all the necessary materials and equipment; ensure adequate manpower with appropriate skills
  • Identify and pre-test the appropriate protocol for the implementation of the experiment(s)/survey(s)
  • Discuss and clarify guidelines for the appropriate utilization of experimental materials and facilities

Manage the implementation of experiments/surveys, and other research studies related to rice crop

  • Meet with supervisor/project leader and/or collaborators to discuss the scope of specific research areas
  • Verify outline of experiment/research trials by discussing it with project partners (internal/external)
  • Coordinate and monitor activities on a regular basis to ensure the efficiency of the research operations
  • Manage other activities such as services sourced out from other units and /or contractors
  • Ensure that research procedures follow the experimental protocol as described in the outline
  • Develop standard operating procedures (SOP)

Analyze and verify the results of research studies related to rice crop

  • Independently consolidate, verify and analyze collected data using appropriate advanced statistical tools
  • Interpret the outcome of the data analyses/research findings based on the defined objective of the study and review of related literature
  • Draw conclusions from the research studies
  • Validate that database/dataset is current and initiate updates as necessary
  • Perform literature reviews and compile datasets from external sources

Prepare reports, scientific papers, articles, posters, database for publication/presentation

  • Contribute to the content of scientific journals and/or web-based publications
  • Present research studies at seminars and/or conferences (local/international)

Train staff, scholars and other stakeholders

  • Guide/coach researchers, technicians, scholars and interns
  • Prepare training materials and acts as a resource person in training within and outside IRRI
  • Organize and coordinate trainings for OJTs and interns
  • Contribute to professional service activities at Organizational Unit and Institute level such as strategic committees or task forces etc.
  •  Act as resource person for training courses and visitors

People Management

  • Supervise the work of Assistant Scientists, Researchers and/or Research Technicians
  • Contribute to the performance appraisals of Researchers/extension workers


  • Master of Science degree in [Plant Breeding/Agronomy] and 3 years relevant work experience in [rice research and development], or
  • PhD degree in [Plant Breeding/Agronomy and 1 year experience in [rice research and development], or Equivalent training / experience

Skills Required

  • Has proven technical proficiency in conducting research
  • Has experience contributing to research publications, presentations or reports
  • Has excellent analytical skills using advanced statistical tools
  • Has implemented Quality assurance tools
  • Is familiar with Risk management
  • Has experience with Research management
  • Has experience in leading a small research team
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English and ability to communicate clearly


  • Proficiency to use standard software at an advance level, excellent computer skills in Window Operating System, LAN and Internet, etc.


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