Business Support Assistant (Administrative Assistants)

World Food Programme, Tombouctou, Mali

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource Mobilization
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
16th July, 2020

Job Description



The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger in the world. WFP's mission is to help the world achieve the Zero Hunger goal by 2030 . WFP works every day to ensure that the most vulnerable, especially women and children, have access to the nutritious food they need to lead productive and healthy lives.

In Mali, WFP supports government efforts through an assistance strategy aimed at responding to the humanitarian emergency, strengthening the resilience of communities and supporting sustainable development efforts. In collaboration with state institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and partners of the United Nations system, WFP organizes cash or in-kind transfers to meet the food needs of families affected by conflicts or hazards , provides school meals that promote girls and boys' access to education, supports the prevention and treatment of malnutrition, provides technical and financial support to groups of small agricultural producers to improve their production and access at the market.

WFP also provides air transport, providing humanitarian and development actors with safe, reliable and economical transport to the regions of Mopti, Gao, Menaka, Timbuktu and Kayes, which provides access to the most vulnerable populations. vulnerable. The largest humanitarian agency in the world also supports the government and its partners, through analyzes of food and nutritional security, the provision of logistics services and information and communication technologies.


Given the large volume relating to Administrative and Financial work at the Tombouctou Sub-office level; The Head of the Sub-Office expressed the wish to reinforce the number of her administrative staff by recruiting an assistant for the management of the Guest house.

It turns out that the said request is well founded, given the workload of the only current administrative assistant G5, his very great solicitation for all the support tasks at the sub-office as well as at the zone office in addition to his basic functions.

In addition, Tombouctou being the only sub-office not to have yet taken over from the CO concerning the FMS (Fleet Management System), the start-up of the said system will further add to the workload of the administrative assistant.

This is the reason why an Additional Staff at G4 level will contribute under the supervision of The Head of the Sub-Office to a better coordination of the administrative and Financial tasks of the Sub-Office.


  • Education : High school diploma in finance, administration or related field.
  • Experience : three years of relevant professional experience in finance, administration, management or related field

Knowledge and skills :

  • Be familiar with the use of office equipment and software such as Microsoft Word.
  • Knowledge of common procedures and methods to be applied to complete the work requested with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to be tactful and courteous when exchanging information with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to identify anomalies in the data and correct problems requiring particular attention.
  • Ability to provide guidance or provide basic training to less experienced staff members.

Language skills :

  • The has command of the French language is required, the English knowledge. Knowledge of the local language of the duty station is also an asset.


  • Perform administrative support functions at the front office and report to the Business Support Associate,
  • Assist in processing and managing administrative and financial tasks including the management of the Guest house to assist in the efficient and timely management of resources.
  • Ensure the reservation of rooms using an appropriate register;
  • Monitor the maintenance and cleaning of the premises before and after the hosts' visit;
  • Proceed to billing for rooms according to the official poster rate;
  • Receive the receipts from the Guest house and transfer them to the dedicated WFP bank account.
  • Gather information by following clear directions to help other staff members write documents and prepare reports.
  • Answering questions and escalating points to the next level if necessary, to provide reliable service in a timely manner.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor (s).

Expected results

  • Keep the Guest House clean, daily maintenance and upkeep, small repairs done on time
  • Prepare rooms before visitors arrive
  • Make a monthly financial report of the receipts and expenses of the Guest house;
  • Responsible for the management of certain standard systems and files to ensure that the information is reliable and that the service concerned has easy access to it.
  • Perform administrative support functions at the front office and report to the Business Support Associate,
  • The incumbent is expected to produce organized and precise work, undertaking specific support activities to the Sub-Office.


  • Mission: Understand and communicate strategic objectives: helps teammates to articulate WFP's strategic objectives. Be a force for positive change: suggests to the supervisor potential improvements to the team's work processes. Make the mission inspiring for our team: explains to teammates the impact of WFP's activities in the beneficiary communities . Make our mission visible in daily actions: explains how the responsibilities of its own unit will serve WFP's mission
  • Team: Look for ways to strengthen the skills of people: train their junior teammates on new skills and abilities. Creating an inclusive culture: looking for opportunities to work with people from different backgrounds. Be a coach and provide constructive feedback: Coach your colleagues in the same area of ​​work. Create an “I want” / “we are going” spirit: tracks progress towards objectives and regularly shares this information with the supervisor.
  • Performance: Encourage innovation and creative solutions: explore ways to be more efficient and precise in your own areas of work and share new working methods with colleagues. Focus on getting results: Focuses on getting results and tracks trends in completion rates for your own tasks to identify opportunities for efficiency. Make commitments and respect commitments:
  • Partnership Connect and share between WFP units: suggests to the supervisor partnership opportunities with other units. Establish strong external partnerships: identifies opportunities to work with colleagues and partners in the field to achieve common goals. Be politically agile and adaptable: Develop an understanding of the value of WFP teams and external partners in achieving team goals and objectives.


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