Chief Executive Officer

World Vision , Hong Kong

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
1st September, 2020

Job Description


World Vision Hong Kong (“WVHK”) is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) to lead an organization that has global reach and international influence on a journey of change and transformational development. The right candidate will have a Christian calling to serve the poorest of the poor and a passion to save lives of children around the world.


WVHK is one of the many offices, which through a Covenant of Partnership, together form the World Vision International Partnership (“WVI”). WVI is one of the leading and largest Christian humanitarian organizations in the world, employing 37,000 staff working in nearly 100 countries. The organization works with communities to develop long-term solutions to alleviate poverty, provide emergency assistance to children and families affected by natural disasters and civil conflict, and advocate for justice on behalf of the poor.

WVHK as one of the resource raising offices is fully accountable to donors who contribute through child sponsorship, major relief appeals, corporate giving and other means. WVHK raised over HKD934 million in 2019 and helped 9.3 million people across 34 countries. Hong Kong donors support 230,000 sponsored children and a large array of life-changing projects through its community development model. Over the years, WVHK has strived to maintain good stewardship of resources by keeping costs low.

As a global partnership of interdependent national offices united in a common Christian humanitarian mission and vision, WVHK as a support office of WVI contributes in acquisition of financial and other resources for the global partnership through its marketing, fundraising, and advocacy strategies. The federated model of the partnership gives national offices the primary responsibility to make decisions regarding programs and resources, as well.

WVHK lives out the core values and mission of WVI, while focusing its organization efforts in key areas of fundraising and public education.

WVHK seeks to be a trustworthy channel for donor’s giving and a trustworthy voice for the poor and needy. Our overall strategy is as follows:

  • Our identity is our strategy – who we are determines what and how we do
  • Build and cultivate long-term supporters and partners
  • Strive to maintain a low-cost operation
  • Focus - be excellent, better not more


The CEO of WVHK leads the strategies and sets the vision to achieve fundraising goals, maximize yield to ministry targets and ensure the donor promise of impact in alleviating poverty. The CEO also ensures alignment of the WVHK strategy to Our Promise, the long-term strategic plan of WVI for bringing brighter futures for vulnerable children while influencing the timing and execution of key elements.

The CEO’s role is split between two essential sets of leadership activities: executive leadership and management; and external relations, advocacy and communication.

As the senior executive organizational leader of WVHK, the CEO will:

  • Fully demonstrate commitment to the current mission and vision of World Vision, to address poverty in the world, and do so in the name of Christ, bringing life in all its fullness to children around the world.
  • Work diligently to maintain a gracious, loving, healthy ministry culture while requiring operational accountability and a commitment to accomplishing objectives.
  • Proactively managing multiple risks in the operating environment of Hong Kong and fulfilling corporate governance and regulatory obligations.
  • Builds sustainability through the growth and development of WVHK’s people and leadership through effective organizational succession ensuring adequate management depth for all key roles.
  • Embrace WVI global partnership strategy and covenants, and align WVHK strategy and objectives to fulfill its contribution as a fundraising office through growing revenue and establishing new channels and partnerships.

The role is also required to address specific challenges and opportunities, including:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Developing a culture of innovation, collaboration, and integration.
  • Effectively defining and communicating evidence of impact to all donors and partners.
  • Managing Board relations and meetings by valuing and building understanding around diverse perspectives.

Leading externally within WVI, the CEO will:

  • Bring the message of hope and possibility for ending poverty in the name of Christ to the Christian church and public arena, demonstrating advocacy and a guiding voice around this topic.
  • Serve as the chief fundraiser, establishing and sustaining key major donor relationships.
  • Lead with theological conviction and nuance that conveys WVHK to be deeply Christian in its culture and its mission while enthusiastically pursuing, loving, and serving those who have different religious traditions and beliefs.
  • Build a broader base of influencers to join our cause—in churches, media, corporate, schools, groups of opinion leaders and with other prospective donors.


  • To best accomplish the objectives above, it is expected that the next CEO of WVHK will:
  • Possess a strong calling to join the World Vision mission, evidenced by a Christ-centered life and a passionate heart to love and help the poor in the name of Christ.
  • Possess a desire to grow closer to Christ, demonstrating strong self-awareness, humility, authenticity, and vulnerability applied to Christian servant leadership of the organization.
  • Have a passion for humanitarian work and especially for children.
  • Demonstrate leadership experience and a career trajectory suited to WVI’s size, complexity and culture.
  • Have experience of growing sustainable revenue and mission impact through vision casting, disciplined business planning, target setting and accountability.
  • Have a track record of engaging staff, building leadership and organization capacity, and creating a compelling workplace to achieve exceptional results.
  • Navigate complex issues and lead conversations to conclusion, especially those related to risk, regulations and governance.
  • Cultivate relationships and credibility with external stakeholders such as donors, business leaders, and government and church leaders; build coalitions to increase funds for ministry and impact.
  • Promote advocacy to mobilize the public to bring justice and equity on behalf of the poor through the organization’s publications, awareness campaigns, public engagement events, experiential field trips and educational talks.
  • Evidence executive communication competency to put forth culturally-relevant, winsome and Biblically-sound arguments for contributing to the mission of WVHK.
  • Be a global learner able to relate to diverse people and continuously improve one’s own knowledge of Hong Kong and world affairs affecting global development and resource acquisition.
  • Be a degree holder with extensive leadership experience in multi-cultural environment.
  • Possess fluency in English, Cantonese and Putonghua (written and verbal).
  • Non-profit leadership (at Board or Executive level) is preferred.
  • Commercial experience, preferably including a revenue development or fundraising context.
  • Must be able to travel for field project visits.


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