Child Data Analyst

World Vision, Philippines

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
6th December, 2019

Job Description



Position Purpose: Supports maximum transformational impact to children, families and communities in the ADP covered areas and sponsors by ensuring quality of data and management of sponsorship databases in accordance with the partnership sponsorship standards and requirements.

Key Objectives of the Position

  • Provides technical support to the sponsorship processes with the children, families and communities and ADP covered areas
  • Ensures that data entered in the databases meet the standard and requirements
  • Demonstrates Christ-centered lifestyle to team mates, Program partner leaders and staff that models high standard of personal integrity/maturity, demonstrates servant hood and ensures Christ-centered commitments is foundational to every sponsorship process

Major Responsibilities

Database Management

  • Manages, updates/upgrades and maintains SINGLE STEP and GN databases
  • Administers basic to complicated technical application and troubleshooting
  • Manages the security of the sponsorship databases (hardware and software) including availability and implementation of the disaster management plan at the area office
  • Collaborates with IMTS and SDMS and maximizes its support on issues related to database management
  • Ensures accurate, timely and updated information in SINGLE STEP

Child Data Management

  • Acts on RC lists reconciliation with the community lists
  • Collaborates with the Sponsorship Database Management Specialist on international RC data reconciliation processes
  • Ensures timely entry and updating of child’s data in SINGLE STEP (Annual and Semi-Annual Child Monitoring, Child’s Presence, Support and Participation) using QS Form and ID Card Scanner
  • Manages custody of sponsorship records such as child and sponsors’ files. This includes keeping of confidential sponsors’ address/information stored in SINGLE STEP
  • Manages child record drops and reports within the agreed time
  • Manages custody and ensures completeness of individual child folder
  • Conducts final check of the data/information to ensure quality before entry in the database
  • Manages Child Case Management by ensuring that Child Monitoring Follow-up is acted on time by the CCS/CDF and entered in SINGLE STEP
  • Takes primary responsibility of sponsorship data control, including the integrity of data collected

Sponsorship Technical Support

  • Provides support in identifying the most vulnerable children in the primary focus areas
  • Facilitates in preparing/educating families and communities for sponsorship
  • Participates and contributes to the processes of the critical path related to sponsorship including the use of sponsorship related tools (Designing, Monitoring and Evaluation) in new ADP
  • Provides support in establishing and strengthening a community-based child monitoring mechanism
  • Manages complete package of documents for new growth which includes CH, CGVs and IL)
  • Provides support in the capacity building processes to committees or working group on Sponsorship management*
  • Provides support to the ADP team in the on-going creative sponsorship education to registered children, other target vulnerable children and communities

Sponsorship Operations Services

  • Manages correspondences (IL, SL, GAL, Query) adhering to partnership sponsorship standards
  • Facilitates related processes in the preparation of Annual Progress Report (APR) and Greeting Card (Christmas Card)
  • Integrates delivery of sponsorship correspondences to and from RC in the various sponsorship and ADP processes and ensures turnaround time within the standard
  • Provides support in the implementation of other sponsorship requirements such as Gift Notifications (GNs), Christmas Gifts and Birthday Bounce backs in the ADP
  • Establishes an agreed correspondences turnaround time with the children and families of RC as confirmed by the Program Partner
  • Reconciles GN funding against the GN actual utilization
  • Ensures quality of sponsorship correspondences and sponsorship technical reports
  • Ensures mailing of correspondences and reports to sponsors within standard

Report Generation

  • Generates sponsorship reports and provides and ensures accuracy based on agreed time/schedule
  • Ensures sponsorship reports are shared immediately to ADP team and participates in the analysis to inform programming
  • Generates and prints child list every end of Fiscal Year and manages custody of child files

Organizational Contribution

  • Attends regular team devotion as part of staff spiritual nurturing
  • Participates in meetings, such as team and organizational, as necessary
  • Submits Performance Agreements and Staff Learning and Development Plan and Performance Reviews
  • Supports emergency response, as necessary


  • Education: With Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Social Work and or other related courses
  • Experience: Background in data management, analysis, and computer operations
  • Expertise: Understands TD framework and policy, poverty and development issues; Child Development and Sponsorship business process
  • Work Environment: Based in AP work Areas


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