Communications Assistant

World Food Program, Bogota, Colombia

Skill Required:, Media and Communication
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
2nd January, 2020

Job Description


The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is the largest humanitarian agency to fight hunger in the world, annually assisting about 90 million people per year in 83 countries. In Colombia, the support provided by the WFP to the national government responds to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2 and 17 using innovative tools such as money transfers and local food purchases through farmers' associations. WFP activities in Colombia are concentrated in the most vulnerable populations, which include victims of violence, marginalized communities and ethnic groups. The goal is to rebuild and strengthen their livelihoods, ensuring that they have adequate access at all times to nutritious and diverse diets and increasing their ability to recover and adapt to climate change. This is done progressively through the development of local authorities' capacities to implement responsible programs that contribute to reducing food insecurity and malnutrition.

The WFP will work under the principle of the Humanitarian Nexus - Development, directing the populations affected by various crises (migratory flows, victims of armed conflict, natural disasters and other crises) towards a recovery that allows them to reach levels of development that depend on means of more resilient life. The WFP supports communities by strengthening their livelihoods, building resilience, adapting to climate change, confidence in peace processes and strategies for local development. The support includes the provision of adequate food and diversified diet for women victims of violence, heads of household, ethnic groups, Venezuelan migrants and returning Colombians, and other marginalized populations through a differential and territorial strategy.

Under the direct supervision of the Communications Coordinator and the guidelines of the Country Director, the Communications Assistant will facilitate and execute communication processes of a general administrative nature and in some specialized cases that support the creation of communication contents and the provision of communication services aimed at maintaining and improving the visibility and reputation of the WFP and supporting fundraising activities. The holder is expected to work in an organized and precise manner, support the specific activities of the unit and can guide the sub-offices, partners and suppliers on their work area on the usual practices.


  • Ensure coordination and provide administrative and specialized services to help the Unit prepare, prepare and execute communication campaigns for the specific audiences of the organization.
  • Keep existing communications material up to date, including brochures, posters, two-pagers, fact sheets, report templates, newsletters, infographics and create graphically attractive presentations and other internal and external communication materials according to our style guide corporate brand and that of our partners, ensuring editorial and graphic quality control in English and / or Spanish.
  • Following precise guidance from the Communications Coordinator, prepare Trello content grills for traditional and social media platforms and networks, and printed materials, and to improve the coverage and support that WFP activities receive, ensuring Consistency with messages and institutional norms.
  • Prepare reports and reports to facilitate data that make informed decision making possible.
  • Write minutes and information sessions.
  • Follow up on traditional media and social media daily, and consolidate relevant information to senior staff to support the development and / or evaluation of communication activities and strategies.
  • Manage and maintain records and databases, such as contact lists of journalists and media, to ensure that the information is accurate, organized and easily accessible to the team.


  • Support the collection of material for video projects, photography, generating and coordinating corporate material, schedules, facilities and authorizations, among others for that purpose.
  • Organize and execute special events, working closely with colleagues, external partners and media, to ensure that events are programmed, publicized and attended effectively.
  • Respond to a wide variety of inquiries and requests for support, applying standardized processes and obtaining the necessary guidance, to ensure timely and correct resolution of all inquiries.
  • Document good practices and lessons learned from WFP projects and develop key messages that contribute to the visibility of WFP in Colombia.
  • Manage and update content of the WFP intranet in SharePoint: update of material and content to be distributed in terms of communication, templates and others for WFP staff to use as a reference when generating content.
  • Develop and keep updated a calendar of WFP events, making sure they are scheduled in advance; supporting the different teams in the development of their projects to manage messages and informative material and thus ensure the success of the events.


4P theme

Description of expected behavior for the level of competence


  • Understand and communicate strategic objectives
  • Understand the WFP Strategic Objectives and the link to its own work objectives.
  • Be a force for positive change
  • Flexible adaptation of individual contributions to adapt to changes in the direction of supervisors and internal / external changes (such as the evolution of the needs of the beneficiaries, the new requirements of the partners).
  • Make the mission inspiring for our team
  • Recognizes and shares with the team members the ways in which individual contributions relate to the mission of the WFP.
  • Make our mission visible in everyday actions
  • It establishes its own objectives in alignment with the general operations of the WFP and is able to communicate this link to others.


Look for ways to

strengthen the


  • Evaluates own strengths and weaknesses to increase self-awareness, and includes conversations about development needs.
  • Create an inclusive culture
  • Participate in the open dialogue and value the diverse opinion of others, regardless of their origin, culture, experience or country assignment.
  • Be a coach and provide constructive feedback
  • Proactively seeks feedback and coaching to build trust, and develop and improve individual skills.
  • Create a spirit of "I will" / "We will"
  • Participate in carrying out activities and team goals in the face of difficult circumstances.


  • Foster innovation and creative solutions
  • It shows the willingness to explore and experiment with new ideas and approaches in the work itself.
  • Focus on getting results
  • Consistently delivers results within the scope of individual work on time, in the budget and without errors.
  • Make commitments and make commitments
  • It is committed to maintaining individual responsibilities and responsibilities vis-à-vis the functional priorities or the constantly changing countries.

Be decisive

It makes rational decisions about individual activities when faced with uncertain circumstances, even in times of ambiguity regarding the manager's information or direction.


  • Connect and share between WFP units
  • It seeks to understand and adapt to internal priorities or between units of the teams and preferred work styles.
  • Build strong external partnerships
  • Demonstrates the ability to understand and respond appropriately and / or scale the needs of external partners.
  • Be politically agile and adaptable
  • It represents an informed and professional behavior towards internal and external partners and interested parties.
  • Be clear about the value that WFP brings to associations
  • It provides operational support in analyzes and evaluations that quantify and demonstrate the unique value of the WFP as a partner.


  • Description of expected behavior for the level of competence
  • Program life cycle and food assistance
  • It shows the ability to identify the main problem of hunger at national or sub-national level to design and implement context-specific programs that integrate complex analyzes and the full range of food assistance tools.
  • Transfer modalities (food, cash, coupon)
  • It demonstrates the ability to analyze and consolidate quantitative and qualitative information from different sources (for example, market research) to inform the selection of the transfer modality and the development of programs.

Extensive knowledge of

  • Specialized areas (that is,
  • Nutrition, VAM, etc.)
  • Demonstrates the ability to interpret basic data in the context of specialized WFP fields to contribute to the design, implementation and monitoring of technical programs.
  • Emergency programming
  • It shows the ability to translate the understanding of program principles in emergencies and protracted conflicts into relevant, effective and context-specific approaches.
  • Commitment to strategic policy with the government
  • Prepares comprehensive recommendations using multiple inputs (for example, government advisors, research, own experience) to strengthen national or sub-national entities and government-owned food and nutrition security programs.


Training and Experience Required:

  • Professional in Communications, Journalism, Audiovisual, Multimedia and Administration Sciences.
  • Four (4) years of experience with responsibilities acquired progressively relevant in communications and administrative services.
  • Minimum one (1) year of specific experience in Communications.
  • Use of computers and Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc).

Desirable experience

  • General knowledge of regulations and administrative processes at the United Nations.
  • Experience in budget management.
  • Experience in creating purchase requisitions.
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and Information Systems in Macintosh and PC Interfaces.
  • Experience in humanitarian organizations.
  • Have a personal commitment to the ideals of the mandate of the United Nations World Food Program.
  • Additional studies in communication will be positively valued.
  • Intermediate English level will be positively assessed.

Languages : fluent Spanish oral and written.


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