Coordinator IT

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, Netherlands

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
21st May, 2020

Job Description

Purpose of the position and organizational position

The Coordinator IT is responsible for providing general support to the organization with regard to ICT.

The Coordinator IT reports to the Head of Finance, he/she coordinates outsourced ICT services and data protection procedures. The reporting line for data protection in capacity of Data Security Officer is to the Executive Director.


Coordinator IT

Policy development and advice

  •  Develops guidelines and standards for IT facilities or has them developed and makes them

available to staff;

  •  Implements the IT policy in consultation with IT providers and KNCV IT Project Board;
  •  Implements the IT policy plan, Data Protection Policy, Information Security Policy and

information architecture in consultation with staff and IT experts;

  •  Advises and manages IT facilities (hardware, software and services, such as MyKNCV).


An effective and appropriate information strategy and policy is developed and adhered to so that work processes can be properly supported with the required information and are in compliance with data protection regulation.


  •  Ensures optimal performance of IT facilities for staff;
  •  Manages services provided by IT suppliers on a weekly basis and by periodical (monthly)

service management review meetings with suppliers/consultants for IT;

  •  Monitors the annual plan and budget on IT;
  •  Ensures that the inventory of all information systems within KNCV is up to date and

coordinates efforts to ensure optimal connectivity between those systems;

  •  Encourages IT providers to monitor IT trends from which KNCV can benefit and prepares

related proposals for the KNCV Management team;

  •  Follows up on requirements with respect to information accessibility, authorization etc.;
  •  Ensures effective communication with- and relationship management of external suppliers.


  • IT supports all work processes within KNCV in the most optimal way and the annual plan is implemented within the budget.

Information Security Officer

The Information Security Officer is responsible for the general implementation of KNCV’s Data Security Policy and is responsible for formulating, maintaining and publishing the Data Security Policy and related guidelines.

The Information Security Officer is responsible for:

  •  Initiating the drafting, evaluation and adjustment of the policies related to data security (strategic/ tactical);
  •  Initiating data security measures and projects and executing them;
  •  Developing and maintaining a data security structure;
  •  Monitor and guide the implementation of Data Security measures;
  •  Organizing independent reviews (vulnerability check, penetration test, Business Impact and risk analysis);
  •  Collecting data on and reporting Data Security incidents;
  •  Advising line management in the development of the Data Security Policy and information security plans for their specific responsibility areas and in the implementation of these plans.


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