Country Finance Officer

ACTED, N'Djamena, Chad

Skill Required:, Finance and Accounts
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
30th October, 2020

Job Description

Since 1993, the international solidarity association ACTED has been responding to the humanitarian needs of populations in crisis situations and respect for their dignity, while promoting and implementing opportunities for sustainable development, by investing in the potentials of Man.

ACTED is committed to responding to emergencies and developing resilience in the face of crisis situations, to co-construct effective governance, and to promote inclusive and sustainable growth.

We are working on the last mile of humanitarian action. Our mission is to save lives and meet the basic needs of populations in the most difficult to access areas. ACTED develops and implements programs for the most vulnerable populations who suffer from violence, conflicts, natural disasters or a situation of endemic poverty. ACTED's approach goes beyond emergency response, with a commitment to sustainable development and community access to livelihoods.

ACTED implements more than 500 projects per year with 14 million beneficiaries in 37 countries. Our teams are made up of 400 international employees and 4,600 national staff.

ACTED has been working in Chad since 2004, with a national coordination base in N'Djamena, and three program bases in Oum Hadjer, Ngouri and Baga Sola. The teams have developed a global response to the multisectoral needs of a population affected by both structural issues and economic shocks. In order to respond to the various challenges, ACTED implements programs to respond to humanitarian emergencies, fight against food insecurity, improve access to water, hygiene and sanitation infrastructure, coupled with interventions in support of strengthening of local governance and sustainable economic integration.

Main role and responsibilities

 Accounting and cash management

Accounting Management -

oversee the accounting cycle for the assignment:

  • Enter on time and with precise data the entries in the cash book, the bank account, following SAGA and the standard descriptions defined in ACTED's global financial procedures manual.
  • Check and coordinate the monthly compilation of accounts for each zone
  • Oversee cash and financial balance by checking procedures when closing monthly accounts.
  • Communicate the accounts on a monthly basis to headquarters, respecting SAGA procedures and deadlines in line with the monthly accounting agenda as for ACTED's financial procedures.
  • Manage the presentation, circulation, filling of purchase orders and archiving of accounting and financial documents in accordance with FLAT and finance procedures (maintain up-to-date filling monitoring: A8.01_Red Cell Game); Check on a random basis, the quality and conformity of documents coming from the zones when they are centralized.
  • Supervise the semi-annual and annual accounting closings both under the aspects of general and analytical accounting (V1 and V2)

Cash management - ensure control and fluid management of cash:

  • Guarantee justified bank selection procedures, open / close bank accounts under the authority of the CEO
  • Supervise the management of bank accounts: control, monitor and ensure that flows are correctly transcribed (advances, transfers, etc.) check balances and supporting documents, authorized visas; Report back to headquarters using the A1_PRATIC reporting tools;
  • Supervise the management of savings and cash: amount available, balances, safety instructions;
  • Evaluate monthly cash flow requirements for projects and areas, complete and share A4.01_Cash Request form on the 15th day of each month.
  • Manage money transfers, cash contributions to zones and amounts in circulation, while defining payment procedures (bank transfers, checks, cash, etc.)
  • Ensure that donors are invoiced on time and send it back using the A4.04_ATROCE tool, in accordance with the best practices described in the MIAHOU plan.

 Commitment of expenditure, budget control, & financial management

Commitment of expenditure - guarantee of budget availability and compliance with ACTED and donor procedures before payment orders:

  • Collect visas from authorized staff members, set up commitment ceilings in local currencies, define payment methods and deadlines;
  • Before committing / paying an expenditure, check the authorization levels, the availability of the budget, the budget line on which the expenditure must be made, ensuring full compliance with the procedures of ACTED and donors:
  • In close coordination with the Country Logistics Manager (CLM) or his equivalent, negotiate the terms of contracts, in particular the schedule of payments & tax obligations; ensure that purchasing procedures are followed,; monitor commitments and payments using the A7.02_Contract Follow-Up (CFU) tool; ensure control of financial points, compliance, budget during meetings of the purchasing committee; check the consistency between purchase orders, offers / orders, purchase orders, tender documents, procurement documents, contracts, invoices, receipts, service certificates made ; verify the legitimacy of the receiver to collect the payment.
  • In close coordination with the Administration team, ensure that staff contracts are in line with ACTED's standard salary grid, budget availability, and regulations; propose salary revisions based on benchmarking, national legislation and budget constraints; check and validate the pay every 25th of the month.
  • Check the accuracy and compliance of partners' accounting documents before payment.

Project budget monitoring, mission cost control, internal and external audits - anticipate and mitigate financial risks by ensuring that operations are conducted in a compliant and efficient manner:

  • Manage the budget monitoring (A7.01) and the consolidation process via the Allocation Tables (A5).
  • Analyze and report the discrepancies between planned budgets and expenditure news; comply with the flexibility rule;
  • Anticipate financial risks, present updated budgets and risk mitigation proposals during FLAT meetings
  • Analyze and report monthly operating, fleet and communication costs for each zone
  • Prevent and report any financial or operational damage (A6.01ACT follow-up).
  • Submit to headquarters all the annexes of the internal financial reporting tools (TITANIC) on the 15th of each month.
  • Follow the end of activity forms for international staff and ensure that they are sent to headquarters once validated.
  • Take the lead in preparing the external audit in support of country compliance teams if they exist; participate in opening and closing meetings, contribute to responses to audit reports, to plans for implementing recommendations.

 Management of the financial cycle of the project

Prepare project budgets and reports - ensure the financial feasibility of projects, respecting the rules of ACTED and donors, as well as deadlines:

  • Collect information from the competent departments to consolidate the budgets of project proposals in accordance with the needs of the project / mission and the constraints of donors; propose an adapted program and support mission budgets including investment plans in close connection with country coordination.
  • Check and negotiate the terms of grant contracts before signing (payment and financial reporting schedule, use of central cash management systems at headquarters, etc.)
  • Plan, consolidate, draft & cross-check with the project development department the financial reports when requested (ad hoc, mid-term, and final), respecting contractual deadlines and the rules of flexibility, eligibility, liquidation periods etc ...
  • Monitor donor payments and the closure of financial projects (contractual liquidation)

 Team management and other tasks

  • Update the organization chart and the terms of reference of the finance and administration departments (if feasible) in accordance with the development of the mission
  • Supervise the team, plan and lead the recruitments of finance staff, conduct assessments, monitor career management, identify potential staff and contribute to ACTED's internal mobility policy; ensure the training and skills development of ACTED finance team members and partners in order to raise the level of technical capacities and skills.
  • Actively promote strong & structured links with all teams (especially logistics and PDD); represent ACTED in a financial and administrative network work at country level;
  • Improve the flow of information within the department and with other departments
  • Plan field control missions
  • Carry out any other activity requested by the immediate manager.

Qualifications and skills required

  • Msc in Management, business
  • Finance / accounting experience
  • Ability to take responsibility and manage stress
  • Excellent communication skills, including excellent writing skills in French.


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