Documenting Programme Monitoring

UNICEF, Bangkok, Thailand

Skill Required:, Monitoring and EvaluationProject/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
6th October, 2020

Job Description

Work Assignment

Under the direct supervision of UNICEF Regional Monitoring Specialist, the consultant will;

Conduct a comprehensive desk review of UNICEF guidance about monitoring and interviews with some key informants in UNICEF EAPRO and selected UNICEF COs in the region.
Based on the desk review and interviews with the key informants, draft an inception report which includes a conceptual framework to be used in the documentation of good practices in remote monitoring, key questions, methodology, and a timeline as well as proposed data collection instruments.
After 10 days of signing a contract, submit a draft inception report to EAPRO for review and feedback and based on that finalize the inception report.
Conduct data collection using remote methods e.g. on-line survey, interview with key informants from UNICEF EAPRO, and 14 UNICEF COs in the region as agreed/approved in the inception report. (15 days)
Within one week of completion of 15-day data collection, prepare and present the 1st draft report to UNICEF EAPRO for feedback and comments which will be collected from the 14 UNICEF COs.
Make an online presentation to UNICEF EAPRO and COs on the report to validate the findings and receive further inputs that to be incorporated into the final report.
Submit the final report to UNICEF EAPRO for approval. The report will highlight the current situations, common challenges, good practices, and recommendations on how to adapt remote monitoring in the new-normal setting (during COVID-19 and beyond), how to institutionalize it in UNICEF and its IPs, and case studies

Work Schedule and Deliverables:

The consultancy should provide the following deliverables as per an agreed timeline:

  • Inception report as an output from the desk review and initial consultations submitted to UNICEF EAPRO within the first 10 days of the review commencement with detailed methodology including timeframe and key questions.
  • First draft report submitted to UNICEF EAPRO within one week after completion of a 15-day data collection. It should include all components of the final report.
  • Final report submitted to UNICEF EAPRO within one week after receiving the inputs and comments from UNICEF EAPRO and COs. It should include:
  • Executive Summary;
  • Background and context;
  • Methodology;
  • Current status of programme quality assurance monitoring and the key challenges during the COVID-19;
  • Good practices on remote monitoring and case studies;
  • Recommendations for adaptation of remote monitoring during COVID-19 and beyond;
  • Annexes: To include ToR; work schedule; tools; survey records, records of interviews, and others as necessary.

To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have…

  • Master’s degree or higher in Social Sciences fields with special expertise in RBM, monitoring, and/or evaluation;
  • At least 10 to 7 years experienced in conducting studies, research, evaluations and other related fields;
  • At least 5 years demonstrated experience in development, management, and implementation of programme/project monitoring and/or evaluation;
  • At least 3 years of previous experience working with ICT, web-based applications, social media applications, and/or web development;
  • Experience working in emergency programmes could be an advantage;
  • Demonstrated experience and excellent skills in administering a survey, conducting an interview and focus group discussion, and other research methodologies;
  • Good understanding of ethical issues in research/assessment/ evaluation;
  • Demonstrated experience in working with international organizations and multiple stakeholders in various cultures and contexts;
  • Good understanding of human rights-based approaches to programme monitoring, and issues around equity in development e.g. gender and other disparities-reduction considerations.


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