Executive Partner of the Resident Representative

UNDP, Conakry, Guinea

Skill Required:, HR and AdminProject/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
7th December, 2020

Job Description


Organizational context

Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Resident Representative, the Executive Partner ensures the effective and efficient functioning of the Resident Representative's office, guarantees absolute confidentiality in aspects of his assignment, maintains protocol procedures , information flow management and monitoring of deadlines and commitments made.

The Resident Representative's Executive Partner works closely with UNDP staff, the United Nations System Resident Coordinator's Office, United Nations System Agencies (UNS) and National Authorities to ensure an efficient flow of information, actions on instructions and agendas.

Duties and Responsibilities

Functions / Main Key expected results

  • Effective and efficient functioning of the Office of the Resident Representative.
  • Effective communication and communication support to the Bureau.
  • Facilitation of capacity building and management.
  • Participation in the consideration of the gender dimension within the Office

Ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the Resident Representative's office with a focus on the following results:

  • Manage the Resident Representative's office by ensuring an environment of professionalism and teamwork at all times, establishing exemplary standards of conduct for the office team.
  • Ensure efficiency and discreet management of the Resident Representative's agenda.
  • Organize regular and ad-hoc meetings; prepare minutes and summaries of actions to be taken; track the progress of planned activities; follow up with focal points.
  • Filter all inbound communications, outbound correspondence subject to supervisor's signature, clearance and other action to be taken by other personnel, if necessary.
  • Maintain protocol procedures. Prepare high quality briefing materials for supervisor appointments, meetings, assignments. Prepare informal translations.
  • Manage the schedule of missions and representative of the Resident Representative.
  • Prepare the roster of high-ranking partners, the telephone directory.
  • Prepare correspondence, directives, comments on behalf of the Resident Representative for his signature and follow up if necessary.
  • Use automated management systems for efficient operation of the Resident Representative office.
  • Ensure that correspondence complies with the appropriate protocol and procedures when it is addressed to the Government or other external partners.

Ensure effective communications of support to the office with an emphasis on the following results:

  • Maintain a filing and archiving system that guarantees the safeguard of confidential documents.
  • Use an automated filing system.
  • Coordinate the flow of information in the office, monitor the flow of files and disseminate communications from Headquarters and internal to staff as required.
  • Facilitate information sharing between the Country Team and the office of the Resident Representative. development partners, program and operations teams
  • Track deadlines, commitments made, actions taken, coordination, collection and submission of reports to the Resident Representative.
  • Filter all incoming calls and matches.
  • Present proposals to eliminate communication bottlenecks in the office and streamline procedures between the office of the supervisor and that of his subordinates.
  • Prepare drafts of correspondence, circulars, general briefing notes, documents, reports and minutes of meetings as requested, translations if necessary;
  • Manage Resident Representative travel, meetings, appointments and briefing, including preparation of context note drafts.
  • Maintain the status of team reports, best practices, lessons learned, publication on the intranet and compilation of information on resource mobilization in collaboration with communication specialists.
  • Provide support for the organization of advocacy events, if required.
  • Manage the stock of the Resident Representative's office supplies.
  • Prepare notes verbales for visa applications.

Ensure management facilitation and capacity building, with emphasis on the following outcomes:

  • Make a substantial contribution to knowledge sharing networks and communities of practice.
  • Make a substantial contribution to knowledge sharing networks and communities of practice.
  • Organize training for UNDP staff on coordination, administration and protocol

Ensure the support of the Gender dimension of the Office

  • Operational support for the promotion of gender equality within the Country Office;
  • Participation in the implementation and monitoring of activities relating to gender;

Impact on key results

  • Key results impact the efficiency of the Resident Representative office. Accurate analysis and presentation of information strengthens the capacity of the Resident Representative office and promotes the image of UNDP as an effective partner in the development of the country. The spirit of initiative of the incumbent is decisive in achieving results on time.

Basic skills,

  • Demonstration / safeguard of ethics and integrity
  • Demonstration of basic knowledge and a great sense of judgment Personal development, initiative,
  • Act as a team member and facilitate teamwork,
  • Facilitation and encouragement of open communication within the team, effective communication,
  • Creation of synergies through self-control,
  • Conflict management,
  • Training and knowledge sharing and encourage to train colleagues.
  • The promotion of training and knowledge management / sharing are the responsibility of all staff,
  • Information and transparent decision-making.

Required Skills and Experience

Qualifications required

Education  :

  • High school diploma specializing in secretarial work. A university degree is desirable.


  • 6 years of experience in secretarial, administrative, program is required nationally or internationally. Experience in the use of computer tools and MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.), experience in computerized management system.


  • Perfect command of French, the official language of the Country Office
  • Good knowledge of English.


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