Finance Assistant

WHO, Burkina Faso

Skill Required:, Finance and Accounts
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
29th October, 2020

Job Description


The coronavirus epidemic declared by the WHO as a global pandemic has not spared Burkina Faso, the first cases of which were notified on March 12, 2020 in the central region.
To cope with this COVID19 epidemic, the Ministry of Health, with the support of the WHO, has taken many actions to ensure an effective and urgent implementation of response activities in order to quickly stop the circulation of the virus. .
The appropriate method to ensure the urgent and immediate availability of resources for the rapid implementation of activities in an emergency situation is direct implementation (DI). This means that the activities are directly implemented by WHO on behalf of the Ministry of Health.
As of August 31, 2020, a multitude of activities relating to COVID-19 for a total amount of $ 1,395,315 FCFA or 780,000,000 FCFA have been directly implemented by the WHO.
All these disbursements were recorded in the eImprest platform through a Purchase Order (PO) established and approved in the system and supported by appropriate, complete and satisfactory documentation (approved memos from WR, the original invoices, the list of participants duly completed when it comes to workshops, training, etc.)
All these accounting documents must be verified, scanned and submitted in the global management system and hard copies efficiently classified and kept for 10 years for possible audit needs in accordance with WHO financial procedures.
Given the large number of supporting documents for the activities implemented by the office through the DI mechanism, it is necessary to call on the services of two Finance Assistants.


objective The general objective is to provide support to the Finance Assistant in the collection, organization, verification and classification of supporting documents for all COVID19 activities since March 2020.

Description of tasks

The Financial Assistants will work under the General supervision of the WHO Representative and direct supervision and guidance from the Office Operations Officer and in close collaboration with the Finance Assistant. The incumbents of the post will perform the following tasks:

  • Collect all the supporting documents for the COVID 19 response through the information extracted from the system (EXCEL table of all records);
  • Carry out a room-by-room check with reference to the activity budget;
  • Perform calculations with regard to the states of support (PEC) of the workshops;
  • Make amendments if necessary with a view to possible corrections;
  • Present a weekly situation report after checking the parts, making recommendations;
  • Ensure that all supporting documents (Approved request, release request, signed budgets, list of participants, support statements) are attached to the corresponding voucher.
  • If necessary, claim the missing parts from the COVID19 assistants;
  • Help COVID19 consultants to fill in the monthly expenditure justification table and verify the supporting documents relating thereto before their classification in the appropriate voucher
  • Proceed to the verification and classification of the supporting documents for the fuel purchased as part of the activities COVID 19;
  • Make the inventory of ONATEL and SONABEL consumption for 2020 on the basis of information extracted from the system and prepare a situation report;
  • Search through existing information, the bank references of WHO suppliers and get in touch with the supplier for further information.
  • Carry out any other task entrusted to him.


  • The work will consist of a rapid assessment of the supporting documents available at the country office and those to be collected and / or requested from the beneficiaries.

Expected results

  • All the supporting documents (activities, fuel relating to COVID) are checked, corrected, scanned and classified in the times.
  • Quality performance and weekly reports are produced on time and submitted for review; the production of results to achieve the objectives of the
  • Profile unit for recruitment

Education (Qualifications)

  • Essential: Complete secondary cycle or equivalent technical training with a specialty in accounting, finance or budget management.
  • Desirable: Graduate / University degree in accounting, finance or budget would be an advantage. Essential


  • Minimum 08 years of experience with 3 to 5 years of relevant practice in accounting, finance and / or budget.
  • Desirable: Experience working in financial and administrative support positions within a United Nations System Agency or in an international or multinational structure would be an advantage.


Essential skills:

  • Communicate in a credible and effective manner,
  • Produce results,
  • Foster integration and teamwork,
  • Respect and promote individual and cultural differences
  • Ensure efficient management / use of resources

Functional skills

  • Special aptitude for finance and accounting;
  • Ability to plan, organize, coordinate and implement / consolidate inputs from several sources;
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet defined deadlines
  • Ability to design, work and perform tasks with little supervision;
  • Ability to develop / produce financial analytical reports, using appropriate software;
  • Ability to interpret financial rules and regulations;
  • Ability to create and maintain effective working relationships with people of different nationalities and cultures;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, discretion, tact and diplomacy.


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