GIS Project Manager

CartONG, France

Skill Required:, IT and ICTProject Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
1st September, 2020

Job Description

Presentation of the organization

Founded in 2006, CartONG is a French "H2H" (Humanitarians to Humanitarians, i.e. an NGO working in support of other NGOs) non-governmental organization specialized in mapping and information management support for humanitarian and development organizations. Our core expertise is geographic information, but we have extended it other the years to other technologies (mobile data collection, information management, remote sensing, drones, participatory mapping, etc.).

We support international aid organizations, NGOs and public authorities by providing tools, services & trainings that allow them to better plan, implement and evaluate their programs, therefore improving the impact of humanitarian aid in favor of the most vulnerable. We focus on training local staff and collaborating with local communities, in order to provide projects that are sustainable and tailored to the needs and priorities of the people we are seeking to assist.


The person recruited will join the Geographical Information Systems pole of CartONG, in charge of supporting our partners in the design, deployment and management of their geographical data collection and analysis tools, necessary for the implementation of their activities in the field. Based mainly at the headquarters of the NGO, you will be in charge of coordinating and leading mostly francophone small to medium size GIS projects as well as partnerships. Key responsibilities include coordination, project management and communication with external partners.

You will play a critical role in assessing CartONG’s humanitarian and development partners’ needs, defining the best technical and methodological strategies, suggesting and testing solutions, accompanying the partners in their deployment or adoption of the tools and approaches in question and/or coordinating the generation of the GIS products as required. You will monitor the full project chain including setting project objectives, managing costs, leading small technical teams, scheduling deliverables, and producing project reporting. A good understanding of the humanitarian sector constraints and an interest in the evolution of GIS technologies (especially open source tools and open data approaches such as OpenStreetMap…), are therefore crucial. You will also work to align different partners’ objectives with the mission of CartONG to support the overall sector. Depending on your interest, looking for other GIS projects opportunities can complete the position.

In this context, your assignments are:

Project Management:

  • Lead the project and partner relationship, design the strategies and modalities of support from CartONG
  • Coordinate, oversee and follow the activities related to the project (with the support of a technical lead when necessary): human resources allocation, tasking, staff supervision, organizing meeting, etc.
  • Lead the end-of project reporting
  • Contribute to the admin monitoring and reporting on the project organized by the admin team (budget follow-up, HR reporting, time sheets, etc.)
  • Lead and support project proposals (technically and financially) on areas of work
  • Contribute to the internal and external communication by organizing internal presentations, publishing news and blog posts, participating to events and sector networking, etc.
  • Implementation of GIS projects:
  • Carrying out GIS/Information Management needs assessments when required
  • Having a clear overview of GIS technologies and approaches, databases, mapping software, mobile tools, etc.
  • Running technology watch on ready-to-use GIS tools, affordable for small and medium size partners and future developments in BI and GIS
  • Running benchmarkings and tests of GIS tools to keep CartONG up to date
  • Designing GIS strategies (choice of technical solutions, documentation of the processes, etc.)
  • Configure GIS tools / develop GIS products and ensure documentation for their use
  • Designing and running training courses, providing support to CartONG's partners in person and remotely

Other activities:

  • Participate to activities supporting CartONG's associative mission whenever possible and relevant: exchanges with the Board and other members including during get-togethers and green days, involvement in internal trainings, support to volunteer projects, support to projects concerning the whole organization
  • Contribute to events and workshops organized by CartONG such as the GeOnG forum
  • Participate proactively to the association's communication by writing news, blog posts and other products, as well as representing CartONG during tech-oriented and/or humanitarian events and conferences
  • You will regularly go to partners’ HQs in Europe for meetings & trainings, and might travel periodically for short field missions (1 to 3 weeks). The position requires availability and flexibility, two characteristics inherent to the context of emergency humanitarian organizations (late work, rush situations).


  • Qualification: Engineer Master’s Degree or equivalent in GIS or information management related disciplines (evaluation, mathematics, quantitative social sciences, IT, etc.).
  • Experience: Minimum 5 years of professional experience, with 1 to 3 years in GIS project management or similar position, part of which should be in the humanitarian or development sector. Field experiences in different developing countries will be considered an asset for this position.

Technical Skills

  • Strong relational skills allowing you to interact with a wide range of actors and units within the partners’ organization (technical, communication, management, etc.)
  • Ability to quickly understand partners’ needs in order to translate them into activities and to enjoy finding the best technical solution, including through benchmarking & testing
  • Significant experience in data management processes (data collection, cleaning, analysis...)
  • Good knowledge of the wide range of GIS solutions: from mapping to servers through web mapping and database management
  • Aspiration to maintain an understanding of the GIS industry and ecosystems to understand risks and opportunities and enable CartONG’s technical innovation and growth
  • Awareness/understanding of concepts and methodologies related to transversal data approaches: data protection, open data, participatory methods, etc.

Transversal Skills

  • Languages requirements: Good level in French and English required (min. B2), with excellent writing skills in both.
  • Good project management skills: setting and following deliverables, prioritization of tasks, ability to handle multiple projects and tasks simultaneously, budget overseeing, reporting. 
  • Excellent organizational skills and autonomy: capacity to understand problems and take decisions, proven track record of delivery on commitment
  • Strong leadership skills with ability to impact the direction of projects through influence and collaboration, capacity to overcome challenges and find ways around constraints, and supervise junior staffs
  • Excellent capacity to take initiatives and ability to balance short-term technical choices with a long-term vision
  • Quality-oriented personality with focus on permanent improvement of processes
  • Capacity to adapt to audiences with different technical knowledge for presentations on tools and approaches, the design of documentation or training courses
  • Strong communication skills and ease in interpersonal relations (you will work with other staff based remotely, with people from different backgrounds and cultures, with people whose mother tongue is not always French or English, etc.).
  • Interest & understanding of the working context in the humanitarian and social sector: ever-changing environment with high constraints requiring a high level of adaptability and resourcefulness, sometimes working non-standard hours (evening or weekend activities), potentially working in risky environments with difficult living conditions during missions.


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