Information Technology Expert

United Nations Development Programme , Tirana, Albania

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
7 to 10 Year
Closing Date for Applications: 
16th August, 2021

Job Description


  • Albania, an EU candidate country, is undertaking comprehensive reforms in many sectors, building relevant institutions and strengthening the rule of law. Such reforms respond to country priorities, regional initiatives and the compliance with EU directives and requirements as Albania aspires to adhere to the EU in the near future.
  • As part of such active engagement, Albania is also part of the Western Balkan initiative to abide by and implement a joint Roadmap for a sustainable solution to the illegal possession, misuse and trafficking of SALW and their ammunition.
  • The purpose of the Roadmap is to serve as a guiding and consensual document developed and owned by the countries in achieving a sustainable solution to the illegal possession, misuse and trafficking of SALW/firearms, and its ammunition, in the Western Balkans. The Roadmap envisages a comprehensive approach to SALW control from updating and harmonization of the legal frameworks, improved regional cooperation and information exchange, enhanced interoperability of intelligence-led investigations, due public awareness on the dangers of weapons, gender mainstreaming in SALW control to strengthened physical security and safety of weapons storages.
  • In Albania, as in the broader Western Balkans area, there is still a huge work ahead to establish and consolidate an appropriate SALW control framework, harmonize legislation and practices and reach compliance with EU directives and international best practices
  • To address these challenges, on 6 February 2019, Albania approved its new National Strategy on Small Arms, Light Weapons and Explosives Control 2019-2024 and the related Action Plan 2019-2021. The Strategy is fully referenced to the Roadmap and mirrors its performance indicators within the national context. The Action Plan has a full set of concrete actions and capacity building measures to be implemented along until 2024.
  • In the framework of and in line with the above national strategic framework, UNDP Albania, in collaboration with the Government of Albania and with support from regional funding channelled through UNDP SEESAC regional office, has developed the project “Strengthening control, administration and social attitudes towards SALW”.
  • The project responds to some of the immediate needs expressed by the Albanian counterparts related to enhancing the capacities of the Albanian State Police with regard to SALW Control. In this respect, the project intends, among others, to support the advancement and eventual completion of firearms re-registration process and support the development of digitalized system and the production of firearms owners’ digital cards.
  • For the implementation of the above-mentioned activity, UNDP Albania requires the services of an Information Technology (IT) Expert to provide support for upgrading the national arms register and for the development of a digitalized system and the production of firearms owners’ digital cards.


  • The IT expert will work under the overall supervision of the relevant UNDP Programme Officer, under the direct supervision of the SALW2 Project Manager, and in close coordination with the focal points of the beneficiary, Albanian State Police. The IT expert shall exercise all reasonable care for taking all the required actions for timely and quality delivery and ensuring that all tasks are carried out in accordance with the project expectations and to the satisfaction of UNDP.

The following are the key duties which the IT Expert is required to carry out as part of the assignment:

On the activity related to the Firearms Registration:

  • Review the current features of the national arms register (SIMA)
  • Develop, in collaboration with the Albanian State Police Support Service, additional SIMA modules to enhance the overall system efficiency and interoperability.

Note 1 - indicative SIMA modules to be added include the following:

  • Register module - improving statistics and numerical analysis
  • Third-party module - improving the set of firearms ownership data
  • Management module - improved unification of weapons codes with those of the European Union
  • Border module - collect data on weapons crossing the borders
  • Warehouse module - full weapon passport, etc.
  • Note 2 - the required upgrade of the weapons registration system

The upgrade calls for creating an application that will be integrated with the other systems of the Albanian State Police. This task will include the following subtasks:

  • Develop user interfaces in Angular 11+ or Primefaces technologies, compatible with the technology in use by the Albanian State Police.
  • Create the necessary queries in Oracle with high performance and security
  • Install Linux operating system on the server
  • Install SSL, Docker, Kubernetes in the State Police systems
  • Limit the range of IPs that will access the system

On the activity related to Digital Cards for Firearm Owners:

  • Review the draft project developed by the General Directorate of the Albanian State Police
  • Develop, collaboration with the General Directorate of the Albanian State Police, the final list of required IT equipment and items and the respective technical specifications
  • Provide support and advice to UNDP Country Office in conducting and finalizing the procurement process for the above IT hardware and items
  • Monitor and ensure quality assurance during the implementation of the digital cards production


  • The IT Expert is expected to deliver the below outputs during the assignment. The deliverables below are grouped in accordance with the two main tasks to be implemented and numbered sequentially, but in a timeline presented further in the section Schedule of Payment, these tasks will often occur in parallel and at different times, therefore, following another sequence.

On SIMA upgrade

  •  A feasibility report and workplan on SIMA upgrade, including the approach, the key tasks to be carried out and the expected completion date for each task and future deliverable. The work plan should be submitted to UNDP within 10 days from the start of the assignment.
  •  Development of applications / new modules in SIMA
  •  Technical documentation on added modules and applications to SIMA
  •  Preparation of a user manual at the end of the process as well as field training of system users in all structures of the State Police (indicatively 12 trainings).
  •  Actual SIMA training in regional police units
  •  Acceptance from the ASP on the satisfactory completion of the task of SIMA upgrade

On Digital Cards production

  •  A feasibility report and workplan on Digital Cards production, including the approach, the key tasks to be carried out and the expected completion date for each task and future deliverable. The work plan should be submitted to UNDP within 30 days from the start of the assignment.
  •  Technical specification for IT equipment for Digital Cards production
  •  Evaluation of offers received for IT equipment for Digital Cards production
  •  Full installation and functionality of the Digital Cards production line
  •  Monitoring the functionality of the Digital Cards production line
  •  Final report on implementation of the Digital Cards production


Core Values

  • Demonstrating/safeguarding UN core values on accountability, integrity, transparency, mutual respect, professionalism, and results orientation
  • Demonstrates professional competence and is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results
  • Displays cultural, gender, nationality, religion and age sensitivity and adaptability

Core competencies

  • Able to identify priorities and plan/organize efficiently in line with agreed approach/framework
  • Self-initiative and responsibility in carrying out tasks
  • Ability to act as a team player and facilitate teamwork in a multicultural environment
  • Ability to manage competing demands and meet deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills (written, spoken, composing, presentation)

Functional Competencies

  • Ability to perform a variety of specialized tasks, including design, planning and implementation of projects or tasks as well as managing data and reporting
  • Ability to evaluate development technical programs and projects
  • Result oriented and ability to define problem areas, brainstorm solutions based on evidence, consultations and sound analysis
  • Ability to deliver under tight deadlines
  • Proficient with current computer applications.


Education/Academic Qualification:

  • Advanced university degree in Information Technology or any other relevant discipline.

Working experience

  • A minimum of 7 years of professional experience in IT
  • Relevant work experience in a top position in the implementations of at least one large-scale network system.
  • Experience in drafting, design, management, implementation and integration of information systems and infrastructure.
  • Familiarity with Linux Operating Systems
  • Familiarity with Oracle/Java/DevOps information systems
  • Familiarity with latest technologies, systems and network clouds servers and infrastructure.
  • Working experience with the Albanian State Police in the IT field and especially familiarity with the SIMA system will be an advantage.


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