MERL Coordinator (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning)

Plan International, Guinea

Skill Required:, Monitoring and EvaluationResearch and Analysis
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
25th June, 2021

Job Description

role profile

Member of the MERL team of Plan International Guinea whose mission is to help improve the quality of programs by implementing a high quality monitoring and evaluation framework.  

The role of the PIIA monitoring, evaluation, research and learning officer is to help ensure the quality of programs and accountability at the zone level.

role dimension

Responsible for the implementation of the RES framework of Country Strategy (SP) programs and monitoring and feedback systems as well as the compliance of projects with minimum M&E standards
Focal point for data collection and entry at PIIA level
Support for the deployment of other program components / PQP at PIIA level
Member of the SER unit and the PIIA team


High quality planning and monitoring process at the PIIA level,

  • Provide secondary data for the program planning process (situation analysis, program planning and RES plan)
  • Develop specific PIIA RES frameworks
  • Provide data on progress made against program objectives for the development of annual PIIA plans
  • Contribute to the development of the annual PIIA plans and ensure the follow-up of its update
  • Develop and ensure regular updates of M&E frameworks for projects in accordance with minimum M&E standards for projects
  • Lead and coordinate the process of collecting and entering data into the database at the PIIA level
  • Ensure the quality of the SAP database at the PIIA level
  • Review the design and planning of projects (both those funded by sponsorship and those funded by grants) to ensure high quality M&E at the PIIA level
  • Provide support for the correct application of participatory monitoring tools
  • Collaborate with the Planning and Monitoring specialist to set up and implement community monitoring and reporting mechanisms / systems.
  • Ensure knowledge management with the support of PIIA staff through the organization of periodic feedback sessions to share the progress made, validate information, collect recommendations and plan future actions
  • Develop and monitor databases for monitoring indicators (outputs and outcomes) in grant projects and those financed by sponsorship funds
  • Ensure the quality of the land data entered in the PIIA databases
  • Compile periodic reports (preferably quarterly) and produce a statistical report for the PIIA
  • Support the PIIA in monitoring the progress of the implementation of the project against the objectives set in the M&E plan
  • Coach and train PIIA-based staff on high-quality planning, monitoring, evaluation and research practices

High quality evaluation and research activities to strengthen accountability and learning at the PIIA level and beyond

  • Disseminate at PIIA the documents of the action plan of the program including the results of the baseline / baseline study
  • Write periodic review reports
  • Coordinate data collections for assessment and research activities at the PIIA level
  • Coordinate the process of disseminating evaluation results and research to stakeholders / partners at the PIIA level
  • Ensure the availability and accessibility of monitoring information for reviews, evaluation and management decisions at the PIIA level

Problem management

The complexity of the issues being addressed & the degree of investigation, analysis and creative thinking required to resolve them

Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (SER) are essential elements to ensure high quality results and impact on rights-based programming. The obstacles that the SER Officer based at the PIIA will face are:

  • Implement the mechanisms and processes for reporting child abuse.
  • Many employees at the PIIA level have insufficient knowledge of the planning, monitoring, evaluation and research processes.
  • The quality and availability of secondary data from programs and projects make planning, monitoring and evaluation difficult.
  • The monitoring budget is often built into the operating costs of projects and programs, resulting in insufficient resource allocations for monitoring and feedback processes.

The SER officer based at the PIIA must:

  • Have a proactive approach to deal with insufficient RES capacity at the PIIA level;
  • Carefully assess the quality of secondary data at the PIIA level and communicate limitations to the program team; and,
  • Influence the PIIA Director to allocate sufficient funds for the monitoring and feedback processes.

Relationships with others

Communications and professional relations

High contact level : internal :

  • the program team at the PIIA level
  • other members of the MERL unit;
  • the operations team (administration and finances of PIIAs)
  • technical advisers

Low contact level:

  • Country Management Team,
  • national office operations team

Technical expertise

  • Knowledge, skills and behaviors required to achieve the objectives of the role:


  • Knowledge of theories of programming based on the rights of the child
  • Proven experience as a professional in monitoring and evaluation
  • Proven knowledge of statistics


  • University degree (master's degree preferred) with training in development studies, planning, monitoring and evaluation, management, social sciences or similar field
  • At least 5 years of experience in planning, monitoring and evaluation or in research.
  • Good communication skills in French, and great writing skills;

Team spirit.


  • Skills in design, planning and analysis and interpretation of information
  • Proven skills in the use of spreadsheet and statistical software (SPSS, Epi-info. Stata)
  • SAP software experience, an advantage for internal candidates
  • Strong writing skills for research protocols, statistical reports, etc.


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