Principal Public-Private Partnership Specialist

Asian Development Bank(ADB), Manila, Philippines

Skill Required:, HR and AdminMedia and Communication
Preferred Experience: 
Above 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
11th February, 2015

Job Description

Job Purpose

- As a team leader, formulate and implement policies, strategies, transactions and programs of the Office of Public-Private Partnerships (OPPP) to expedite ADB’s operations related to Public-Private Partnership (PPP) including Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) in developing member countries (DMCs). Assist the OPPP management by conducting daily operations of OPPP to achieve the objectives of OPPP. Contribute to enhancement of external and internal relations, stakeholders’ coordination, and knowledge management activities to accommodate PPP-related issues and challenges with innovative solutions. Lead the origination, development, design, implementation, processing, negotiation, contracting, delivery and administration of individual PPP transactions and programs in collaboration with relevant departments including regional departments. Construct concrete networks with international and local key players in the PPP market. Plan, lead, implement and administer front office operations. Work within a framework of broad policies, principles and goals, applying a high degree of autonomy in selection of work methods.

Expected Outcomes

a. Daily PPP/TAS/Front office operations

- Head his/her team by implementing the OPPP’s vision, goals, development strategies in line with Public-Private Partnership Operational Plan 2012 -2020 and Strategy 2020
- Lead the planning and implementation of the OPPP’s work plans with high-quality output to achieve the long-terms goals and annual objectives for OPPP
- Plan and expedite the OPPP’s knowledge management activities
- Provide practical solutions on daily operational issues by guiding the team members  with his/her strong team leadership to identify, structure, deliver and administer individual PPP transactions and programs with effective and efficient marketing, due diligence and negotiation.
- Research PPP markets, identify constraints, and provide innovative solutions for fostering PPP policies/operations and regulatory frameworks in DMCs by instructing his/her team members
- Lead and conduct in-depth due diligence for PPP-related issues and projects in DMCs
- Draft PPP-related materials and TAS project documents
- Develop internal process and analytical tools for PPP projects such as cash-flow models
- Lead the selection and management of individual consultants, including designing of terms of reference for specialized consultant supporting project teams
- Plan and promote co-advisory operations with commercial institutions
- Guide his/her team to construct PPP data base for knowledge sharing with internal/external clients
- Plan, lead, implement and administer front office operations including budgetary and logistics arrangements by guiding front office staff

b. External Relations and Coordination

- Lead his/her team to construct effective relationship with governments, development partners, civil society, and private sector entities within area of responsibility.

c. Internal Relations and Coordination

- Ensure his/her team to support regional departments and Private Sector Operations Department to achieve their PPP targets
- Effectively coordinate with internal stakeholders including PPP focal and experts in regional departments
- Lead his/her team to contribute to effective coordination and cooperation among the teams in OPPP
- Inform Director, and the Head, OPPP of daily developments, emerging opportunities and challenges, and provide recommendations accordingly in a timely manner

d. Staff Supervision

- Provide leadership as a team head and encourage reporting staff to exert his/her capacity at maximum
- Supervise the performance of reporting staff, providing clear direction, regular monitoring and feedback on performance
- Provide coaching and mentoring to reporting staff and ensure their on-going learning and development

Education Requirements

- Master's Degree in relevant fields, or equivalent. University degree in relevant fields, combined with specialized experience in similar organization/s, may be considered in lieu of a Master’s degree

Relevant Experience

- Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level
- At least 12 years of relevant professional experience in developing infrastructure projects including PPP transactions
- Experience in structuring project finance transactions and/or providing TAS in various sectors and countries with actual negotiation and coordination among stakeholders
- In-depth knowledge about PPP and financial market products
- Substantial due diligence capability for PPP projects
- Network with financial communities including ECAs and investment/commercial banks
- Good leadership qualities with teamwork spirit
- Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
- Demonstrated high proficiency in using Excel, Word, and PowerPoint software
- International experience working in several countries
(Strong preference is given to a candidate who possesses PPP-related working experiences in major project finance banks which globally operate in that field.)


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