Procurement Associate

United Nations Office for Project Services, Lima, Peru

Skill Required:, Finance and Accounts
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
3rd January, 2020

Job Description

Background Information - Job-specific

The mission of UNOPS is to serve people in need by expanding the capacity of the United Nations, governments and other partners to manage projects, infrastructure and procurement in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Within these three main areas of knowledge, UNOPS provides its associates with transactional, advisory and implementation services in projects that range from the construction of schools and hospitals to the acquisition of goods and services or the training of local personnel. UNOPS works closely with governments and communities to ensure greater economic, social and environmental sustainability in the projects we support, with special emphasis on national capacity development.

Working in some of the most challenging environments in the world, UNOPS's vision is to promote sustainable implementation practices in humanitarian, development and peacebuilding contexts, always with the objective of meeting or exceeding the expectations of our partners.

With a staff of more than 7,000 employees in 80 countries, UNOPS offers its associates the logistical, technical and management knowledge they need and where they need them. The flexible structure and global reach of the organization means that it can respond to the needs of the partners quickly and at the same time benefit from economies of scale.

Functional Responsibilities

Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Procurement Coordinator, the Procurement Associate guarantees the provision of efficient and timely support services in the procurement and administration of contracts for the different programmers in a relevant geographic area. The Procurement Associate promotes customer-centric, quality and results-oriented guidance and provides support for the corresponding procurement staff. In carrying out its functions, the Procurement Associate works with minimal supervision in operational activities and liaises with the UNOPS program support officers, head of technical advisors, portfolio managers and portfolio assistants in order to Ensure the best support.

In particular, the Procurement Associate will carry out the activities described below:

Summary of key results:

  • Support for the acquisition of transactional services
  • Planning of procurement and systems
  • Requests / acquisition and contracting
  • Offers and tenders
  • Contract administration
  • Equipment management (if applicable)
  • Knowledge management

Support for the acquisition of transactional services

Ensures compliance with the transactional procurement activities of UNOPS, standards, regulations, policies and strategies, including performing the following:

  • Execute the necessary measures to incorporate sustainability in the procurement process.
  • Submissions properly submitted to the committees of contracts and assets (CPC).
  • The integrity of the documentation for the preparation / processing of purchase orders, contracts, LTA or its amendments.
  • Provision of market vendor data by conducting routine market research to determine sources of supplies, using the United Nations Global Market, and other external sources.
  • Food, improvement and maintenance of the database of local suppliers, guarantee the periodic updating of the data.
  • Information databases, files and records of all acquisitions and stay updated.
  • Make reports on the status of processes, as necessary.

Procurement planning and systems

Ensures the supply of personnel and equipment to support procurement planning and systems, focusing on achieving the following results:

  • Collaborate with the project team (staff and managers) in the preparation of their procurement plan;
  • Collaboration in the implementation of a procurement management system for planning, adjudication, management and supervision of all matters related to requested acquisitions.
  • Maintenance and updating of procurement supervision processes for projects and provision of information on purchase orders;
  • Constant liaison with suppliers and the consignee until the safe delivery of the goods.

Requests / acquisition and contracting

Supervises the support processes for the acquisition and contracting, focusing on the achievement of the following results:

  • Send the proposals to the requesting entity on the modalities for the supply of goods, works and services, including the deadlines for each stage of the acquisition process.
  • Check that the requisitions are complete;
  • Prepare in a complete and adequate manner the requisitions for equipment and materials, the terms of reference and declaration of work for the preparation of the RFP, SDP and the ITB, ensuring mines / approval by the respective dependencies of the requests
  • Writing letters, memos, email, etc., monitoring progress and liaison with suppliers throughout the procurement cycle; the investigation and resolution of post-order problems and progress reports on procurement.
  • Respond to inquiries about projects, customers, companies, etc. in matters related to acquisitions
  • Prepare monthly reports on procurement issues;
  • Act as liaison with the logistics unit or projects in the receipt of goods, equipment and services in order to obtain an adequate delivery report, RIR (Receipt and inspection report), relevant certificates, an adequate inventory taking.
  • Have all necessary documents available for review or audit purposes;
  • Keep the database up-to-date, intranet information on hiring rules and tools, list of best suppliers, contractors and service providers, activities and statistics.

Tenders and tenders

Supervises the team / staff that provides the following support services to the bidding and award processes, focusing on the achievement of the following results:

  • Preparation of short lists of contractors and suppliers for purchases;
  • Preparation and publication of EOI, RFQ, ITB, RFP or other bidding documents that are required, ensuring compliance with UNOPS templates or seeking legal approval in case any modification is required;
  • Together with the requesting area / project, review and evaluate the offers or proposals received, draw up contracts and prepare necessary documentation to present before the corresponding approval committees.
  • Preparation of the documents to be presented before the Approval Committees (local or at headquarters), support the case before the committee if required.
  • Maintain records of presentations before the Approval Committees.

Contract administration

Ensures that the team provides efficient support for contract administration, focusing on achieving the following results:

  • Monitoring of the signing of contracts by suppliers;
  • Ensure the adequacy of funds in the UNOPS system (oneUNOPS) and obtain relevant approvals for approval.
  • The dissemination of the contract announcement and award;
  • Contract maintenance and filing system;
  • Maintenance of databases and lists of best suppliers, contractors and service providers, activities and statistics.
  • Team management, if applicable.
  • It facilitates the hiring and provision of high quality services and results of the supervised team through effective work planning, performance management, coaching and the promotion of learning and development.
  • Provides supervision, ensuring compliance by team members with existing policies and best practices.

Knowledge management

  • Organize, facilitate and / or conduct training and learning initiatives for procurement staff
  • Provide a strong contribution to knowledge networks and communities of practice by synthesizing lessons learned and disseminating best practices in procurement
  • Collect internal comments, ideas and knowledge about processes and best practices.


  • A completed high school diploma is required (equivalent to High School Diploma or Secondary School Diploma).
  • Complete studies at the University Level, preferably in Administration, Accounting, Economics, Engineering or related careers will be considered valuable and may replace some years of experience.


  • It is required to provide at least seven (7) years of relevant experience in the provision of support services in bidding processes for the acquisition of goods, services and works.
  • It will be valued to provide experience in:
  • Bidding processes in International Organizations
  • Bidding processes in the Public Sector.
  • Supervision of personnel in procurement support services.


  • 100% Spanish language proficiency is required.
  • English language knowledge is valuable.


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