Project Associate

IT for Change, Bengaluru, India

Skill Required:, Policy/ Advocacy and CampaignTraining and Capacity Building
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
10th April, 2020

Job Description

We are looking to recruit a researcher/writer and connector who can build out a space for powerful feminist discourse to contribute to Bot Populi’s new track, the Feminist Observatory of the Digital. The Feminist Observatory is devoted to examining the complex relationship between feminist struggles and the digitally-mediated world, while being attentive to the realities of the global South.

About Bot Populi: We are an alternative online media platform dedicated to looking at all things digital from a social justice and global South perspective. We cover and report on the ways in which the digital world affects different aspects of our lives in obvious and unexpected ways. Check out our work on our website.

What the role entails:

We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about gender and digital justice, with demonstrated experience in research, writing, outreach, networking, training and pedagogy and working with many different actors (students, communities, policymakers and more). The incoming member will support the Bot Populi team in:

  • Commissioning and curating content, reaching out to potential contributors, identifying new contributors and developing a database of writers and content creators for the Feminist Observatory track;
  • Producing well-researched articles, short media pieces, blogs, and other written outputs from the ongoing multi-country research initiatives of IT for Change, exploring digital debates from a feminist lens;
  • Convening outreach programs such as meet-ups and seminars with local researchers, scholar-practitioners and civil society activists;
  • Providing event organization support, and other normal organizational project support for feminist content creation and dissemination on social media.


  • Candidates with a Master’s degree in feminist/gender/sexuality studies, development studies, public policy or allied interdisciplinary fields;
  • Previous writing experience on issues at the intersection of gender and digital justice;
  • Excellent writing and verbal proficiency in English.


  • Past experience in teaching or working with communities as a trainer;
  • Experience with curating, creating and publishing content;
  • Experience in generating non-textual forms of content such as graphic art, memes, posters, videos etc.;
  • Oral/written fluency in Kannada/Hindi and foreign languages.


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