Public- Private Partnership Specialist

Asian Development Bank(ADB), Manila, Philippines

Skill Required:, Media and Communication
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
25th September, 2015

Job Description

Expected Outcomes

a. Daily PPP/TAS operations

- Support the implementation of the OPPP’s vision, goals, development strategies in line with Public-Private Partnership Operational Plan 2012 -2020 and Strategy 2020.
- Contribute to the planning and implementation of the OPPP’s work plans with high-quality output to achieve the long-terms goals and annual objectives for OPPP.
- Support to expedite the OPPP’s knowledge management activities.
- Provide practical solutions on daily operational issues in consultation with other team members.
- Contribute to identify structure, deliver and administer individual PPP transactions and programs with effective and efficient marketing, due diligence and negotiation.
- Research PPP markets, identify constraints and provide innovative solutions for fostering PPP policies/operations and regulatory frameworks in DMCs.
- Conduct in-depth due diligence for PPP-related issues and projects in DMCs.
- Draft PPP-related materials and TAS project documents.
- Develop internal process and analytical tools for PPP projects such as cash-flow models.
- Handle the selection and management of individual consultants, including designing of terms of reference for specialized consultant supporting project teams.
- Contribute in promoting co-advisory operations with commercial institutions
- Construct PPP data base for knowledge sharing with internal/external clients

b. External Relations and Coordination

- Support to construct effective relationship with governments, development partners, civil society, and private sector entities within area of responsibility.

c. Internal Relations and Coordination

- Support regional departments and Private Sector Operations Department to achieve their PPP targets with senior team members.
- Support to effectively coordinate with internal stakeholders including PPP focal and experts in regional departments.
- Contribute to effective coordination and cooperation among the teams in OPPP.
- Inform other team members, Director, and the Head, OPPP of daily developments, emerging opportunities and challenges, and provide recommendations accordingly in a timely manner.

d. Staff Supervision

- Provide leadership and support to reporting staff for their smooth implementation of their daily duties in consultation with senior team members.
- Supervise the performance of reporting staff, providing clear direction, regular monitoring and feedback on performance.
- Provide coaching and mentoring to reporting staff and ensure their on-going learning and development.

Education Requirements

- Master's Degree in relevant fields, or equivalent. University degree in relevant fields, combined with specialized experience in similar organization/s, may be considered in lieu of a Master’s degree

Relevant Experience

- Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level
- At least 8 years of relevant professional experience in developing infrastructure projects including PPP transactions
- Experience in structuring project finance transactions and/or providing TAS in various sectors and countries with actual negotiation and coordination among stakeholders
- In-depth knowledge about PPP and financial market products
- Substantial due diligence capability for PPP projects
- Network with financial communities including ECAs and investment/commercial banks
- Good leadership qualities with teamwork spirit
- Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
- Demonstrated high proficiency in using Excel, Word, and PowerPoint software
- International experience working in several countries
(Strong preference is given to a candidate who possesses PPP-related working experiences in major project finance banks which globally operate in that field.)

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