Regional Campaign

World Vision, Bangkok, Thailand

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
27th November, 2019

Job Description


Provide range of policy analysis, operational and technical leadership and support to the Regional Office and National Offices (NOs) respectively in Asia Pacific Regional Office to strengthen campaign and gender initiatives. The position will support the influencing of policies (through either change or implementation) at national level. The context of Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO) requires active engagement in policy influence, which is evidenced by growing demand for participation in National initiatives and regional networks to engage in policy dialogues targeting systemic and structural changes. Regional Campaign Manager will provide support to National and Regional engagements with international Human Rights perspective contributing in the SDGs, regional and national strategic intent.


Campaign Strategy:

  • Provide support to the Asia and Pacific teams to influence policy through evidence based campaigns, gender and child participation initiatives.
  • Identify regional entities and mechanisms to influence and nurture relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Ensure that influencing strategies are consistent with partnership standards and direction.
  • Technical & Operation Support:
  • Coordinate the external engagement of World Vision Officesacross the region around key global moments.
  • Assist National Offices submit to UN reporting process such as the Universal Periodic Review and CRC state and optional protocol reporting.
  • Work with NOs to develop Campaign strategy and to design and facilitate review of the NOs strategy in line with global priorities, this includes baseline and evaluations.
  • Work with National office and the global center to generate or otherwise acquire research to sustain regional and global engagement.
  • Develop materials and metrixs related to that can be adapted and rolled out across multiple contexts.
  • Lead in the development of social mobilization initiatives for the campaign at regional level and support NO in the design, conduct and assessment of the same.
  • Act as facilitator for the regional coordination group and initiate subgroups as needed, ensuring the timely sharing of engagement strategies, plans, directives, resources and documents to GHCs, SOs, ROs and NOs.
  • Broaden discussion on targeted issues through building and strengthening alliances and partnership and increasing public participation in campaigns.
  • Provide support to identified national offices on preparation of Policy dialogues/brief with their respective government on identified priority theme.
  • Work with regional sector lead on identified policy agenda and prepare guidance to embed into the LEAP3 processes.
  • Support the preparation of analytical reports on various secotral/thematic researches which could be used for external advocacy purposes including internal data from National offices such as Partnership Strategic Measures etc.
  • Provide technical oversight and inputs in the areas of gender and child participation initiatives.

Capacity Building:

  • Work with the Global and Regional team to ensure economic sustainability of It takes a World to End Violence Against Children Campaign in national offices and regional office.
  • Advise National Offices on programme quality core competencies and capacity requirements (including recruitment support).
  • Work with technical leads on CVA to integrate appoaches in campaign practice.
  • Work with the national offices in developing (including coaching, exchanges, shared learning and other strategic responses appropriate to the scale of the needs) a group that can help build NO and campaign capacity.
  • Liaise with the integrated capacity building team in the development and facilitation of training modules/session plans and other appropriate capacity building initiatives.
  • Engage with Advocacy/ DME and LEAP teams in developing their capacities to review the quality of the campaign.

Quality Assurance:

Support national offices in implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the campaign, policy influence and integrating campaign activities into other key sectors such as communications, marketing, Christian Commitments.

Knowledge Management:

  • Support continuous learning through creation, contextualization, documentation, feedback and dissemination of successful advocacy model including campaign models and promising practices within Asia Pacific region.
  • Promote national and regional learning mechanisms for application of lessons and ongoing improvement at all levels of WV organization, including partners.
  • Contribute to establishment and use of regional databases and e-resources including regional good practices relating to Advocacy as part of wider knowledge management strategy.

Internal & External Liaison:

  • Participate and actively contribute in the partnership forums, working Groups and networks related to SDGs and Campaign themes as deemed necessary by regional leadership.
  • Establish networks and alliances with external partners (research institutions, Universities, other NGOs, etc) for the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of the health campaign.
  • Facilitate active engagement with donors, partners and audiences to enhance World Vision’s credibility.


  • Advanced degree (e.g. Master’s degree in social science, development studies or other professional degree) or other relevant degree or experience.
  • Minimum of 5 years relevant advocacy, programming and management experience.
  • Excellent research skills and previous experience in conducting situational analyses.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • Proposal and report writing skills.
  • Management, Coaching & Mentoring, Management Skills.
  • Self motivated to achieve quality results and services.
  • Basic understanding and knowledge on Human Rights and UN Convention of the Rights of Child, whereby the Job functions requires the person to conduct analysis on various policies and positions developed by National Office on thematic areas of Child Wellbeing.
  • Campaigning: A past experience in developing and running a systematic campaign on themes related to children will be beneficial.
  • Competent in the use of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Advanced degree (e.g. Master’s degree in social science, development studies or other professional degree) or other relevant degree or experience
  • A successful track record in coordinating / managing advocacy campaigns.
  • Excellent representational ability including public speaking, media interviews, and high-level meetings.
  • Demonstrated experience in leading a team or process.
  • Strong time management skills, ability to work under pressure and prioritise tasks.
  • Program and Research Design and Implementation.
  • Knowledge of various technical sectors of development such as primary health care, nutrition.
  • Basic Statistical Analysis using computer programs.
  • External Engagement: Though not a must but it is preferred for the candidate to have experience in linking externally with UN and other bodies for issues related to advocacy.


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