Responsible for training management and work-study

Bioforce, Vénissieux, France

Skill Required:, Finance and AccountsResearch and Analysis
Preferred Experience: 
2 years of relevant work experience
Email for CV Submission: 
Closing Date for Applications: 
30th April, 2020

Job Description


The Bioforce Institute is looking for its headquarters in Vénissieux (69), its or its Chargé (e) of training management and work-study for the training Responsible for the Work Environment and Humanitarian Logistics. Your mission will be to ensure the operational implementation of the training program and to monitor and support alternately (company / school) students in 3 rd year.

Strengths of this position? You will flourish in contact with students, external stakeholders and company tutors to help them best in their activities, all in an international environment, stimulating, and carrying values.


Under the responsibility of the program coordinator, you will be responsible for:

Ensure the administrative management of learners

  • Establish administrative documents (attestations, school certificates, student cards, lists, etc.)
  • Administratively manage humanitarian internships in 2nd year (internship agreements, insurance, packages)
  • Administratively manage work-study in 3rd year (agreements, learning system, time sheets, subrogation agreements, etc.)
  • Register students in 3rd year in LPMGB License (Paris Nanterre University)

Ensure the implementation of educational activities

  • Manage the implementation of RETLH program evaluation device and also the 3 rd year in connection with the program of the MGB license (proofs schedules, organization of events, organization of monitoring, capture notes, logistical organization of commissions assessment and jury of titles, archiving of tests)
  • Manage absence arrangements (entry, state of absences, disciplinary council, etc.)
  • Ensure the implementation of the training schedule (reception of trainers, information for students, hotel reservation, travel organization, etc.)
  • Develop and disseminate educational information (trombinoscopes, profiles, reprographies, group presentations)
  • Ensuring the logistics of program events (meetings, improvement advice, etc.)

Participate in the steering and activities of the RETLH program

  • Establish statistics and manage the assessments of learners on training modules
  • Manage the different databases of the program
  • Participate in various educational activities (Vercors Immersion Internship, Inter Promotion Day, student recruitment, ...)

Ensure follow-up of the 3rd year work-study program

  • Ensure the placement of learners (prospecting, communication, dissemination of offers, participation in the module "preparation and research of internship in a company")
  • Monitor learners in companies (company visits, telephone and individual interviews, debriefings, management of the student's electronic book, ...)
  • Follow the tutors (relationships, tutors meeting days, satisfaction questionnaires, tutor guide, ...)
  • Ensure the legal watch of professional contracts

Desired profile


  • Experience of at least 2 years in training management and support and monitoring of students.
  • You know the modalities of the work-study schemes (apprenticeship, professionalization contract)
  • You have a good command of office automation tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and a good learning capacity in the use of management software
  • Good level in English (written and oral) appreciated
  • Having an interest in the national or international solidarity sector will be an advantage and a source of motivation for you.


  • You have a BAC + 3 management assistant level


  • You are organized , rigorous , attentive and proactive.
  • You know how to show patience, pedagogy and you know how to make yourself available.
  • You have a real team spirit.

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