Senior Consultant –Talent Acquisition and Talent Programmes

UNDP, Denmark

Skill Required:, HR and Admin
Preferred Experience: 
7 to 10 Year
Closing Date for Applications: 
30th October, 2019

Job Description


UNDP is the UN Development Programme and works in some 170 countries and territories, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion. UNDP helps countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results. UNDP supports the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as they help shape global sustainable development for the next 15 years.

As part of the implementation of People for 2030, UNDP’s recently launched new people strategy, the UNDP Office of Human Resources intends to launch a New Professional for Development (NPD) Programme as a pilot programme in 2020-2022, to increase entry-level opportunities for graduates and build a talent pipeline for next generation of UNDP practitioners.

It is envisaged that the NPD Programme will be a UNDP funded entry-level programme complementing externally funded entry-level programmes such as the UNDP Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme and the UNDP Specialist for Development (SDP) Programme. The Programme will build on the experience from similar entry-level programmes, such as the LEAD Programme, previously implemented by UNDP.

The Programme will offer an opportunity for UNDP to gain the skills/fresh ideas and innovation from young graduates to design innovative solutions to deliver on the Agenda 2030. In addition, participants in the Programme will contribute to enhanced talent outreach and employer brand of UNDP, as well as constitute a pool of workforce sourcing for the next generation UNDP.

The objective will be to build capacity and knowledge in areas where there is an envisaged future need with a specific focus on UNDP’s integrator role and innovation. Specific focus areas will be identified based on an analysis of future talent needs.

Scope of Work

The UNDP Office of Human Resources (OHR) is looking for an experienced international consultant to provide support to the development and design of the New Professionals for Development (NPD) Programme.

The consultant will be informed and inspired by UNDP’s previous and current experience with entry-level programmes, as well as best practices from international organizations and private sector. The consultant will undertake consultations with key internal stakeholders in UNDP in order to determine the strategic focus of the Programme in line with the UNDP Strategic Plan for 2018 – 2021 and UNDPs role in supporting SDG acceleration and implementation. The consultant will ensure that the design of the Programme will be coordinated and integrated with other on-going projects of UNDP, including among others development of a new competency framework, talent capability mapping and succession planning.

Specifically, the consultant will deliver the following outputs:

  • Prepare a comprehensive proposal and project document for an NPD Programme, including a programme strategy, budget and implementation plan
  • Develop a talent acquisition strategy for NPD Programme
  • Design learning and development component based on current UNDP learning strategies and programmes as well as the JPO learning programme.

The consultancy will be home based with regular virtual meetings.The consultant is expected to undertake one inception visit to Copenhagen to meet with the UNDP OHR team based in Copenhagen, and to organize virtual meetings with relevant UNDP managers and experts in New York. A mission to UNDP in New York may potentially be envisaged to collect input from and consult with key internal stakeholders.

Duties and Responsibilities

Deliverables and Duties: The consultant will be responsible for the following deliverables/activities:

 A comprehensive proposal and project document for an NPD Programme

  • Based on the concept note previously prepared by OHR, information previously compiled on the experience from the LEAD Programme, JPO Programme as well as programmes with similar purposes in other relevant international organisations and private sector develop a project document, including the following components:
  • Objectives, strategy, targets timeframe, and success indicators
  • Implementation plan covering the 2020-2022 pilot phase.
  • Budget, including all planned activities/implementation costs, based on different scenarios depending on each yearly intake.
  • Concrete measures to ensure the UNDP Programme’s long-term impact and sustainability
  • Undertake consultations with UNDP managers to collect input on the scope of the programme, including type of assignments, and roles addressing UNDP’s future workforce needs.
  • Prepare a strategy for ensuring the sustainability and success of such an entry-level programme, including a suggestion note outlining how to streamline the NDPs into UNDP’s standard workforce upon completion of their assignment
  • Design a set of generic job descriptions including functional areas in line with UNDP’s Strategy for 2018 – 2021, the UNDP People for 2030 Strategy as well as talent needs for next generation UNDP.
  • Draft/compile documents required for the submission of the proposal for review and final approval by UNDP senior management, including drafting PowerPoint presentation with key elements of the Programme, draft summary note, submission note, messages to key stakeholders, etc.

Talent acquisition strategy for NPD Programme

  • Provide advice on and design a talent acquisition strategy for the Programme.

Based on the UNDP Employer Value Proposition and Recruitment Marketing Strategy, design an outreach strategy, including:

  • Social media outreach roadmap/strategy.
  • Key messages to be used on the UNDP job site and other corporate online presence.
  • Outreach to pre-identified specific talent groups.

Identify priorities for talent groups which should specifically be targeted, based on UNDP’s workforce needs, and taking into account geographical balance, gender diversity and other criteria.

Learning and Development component

  • Design a Learning and Development component, including strategy and action plan, in conjunction with UNDP’s Talent Development Unit (TDU). The learning component should support achievement of the overall objectives of the NPD Programme and the development of participants skills in key areas related to SDGs, innovation and leadership. It should include the following elements:
  • On-boarding
  • Knowledge and skills building in key areas (self-paced learning and one face-to-face workshop for all participants in the Programme)
  • Career development

Timeframe: The above activities are expected to be delivered between January and April 2020.


The consultant will work under the overall leadership of the UNDP Director of the Office of Human Resources (OHR) and will report directly to and be guided by the Manager of the UNDP JPO Service Center. The consultant will be responsible for the fulfilment of the deliverables as specified above.

The consultant will liaise with respective external and internal stakeholders as necessary for consultations and collection of input/information.

Competencies and Qualifications

  • Commitment to UNDP vision, mission, and values
  • Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills, including identification of key issues and how they relate
  • Ability to focus on impact and results for the client
  • Ability to work independently, organize work and be flexible
  • Excellent communication and writing skills

Required Skills and Experience


Education: Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Human Resources, or other relevant area.


  • At least 7 years of experience in the field of talent acquisition, including in the design of talent acquisition programmes and strategies
  • Solid experience with design/implementation of global entry-level/young professional programmes, and how to attract millennial talent
  • Experience from the private sector would be an advantage
  • Experience from the UN / international sector would be an advantage
  • Experience with design of learning programmes for young professionals
  • Ability to lead consultation processes and engage with multiple stakeholders
  • Experience in project management, design and development of results monitoring approaches

Language: Excellent written and oral communication skills in English


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