Senior Fundraising Advisor

World Food Programme, Italy

Skill Required:, Fundraising
Preferred Experience: 
Above 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
18th January, 2021

Job Description


African Risk Capacity (ARC) is a Specialised Agency of the African Union (AU).[1] The ARC Agency leads the ARC Group, a development finance institution that provides financial tools and infrastructure to help countries manage natural disaster risks and adapt to climate change. It counts 34 AU countries as members and is supervised by a ministerial level Governing Board elected by its Conference of the Parties. The ARC design and establishment phase was managed by World Food Programme (WFP) under a Memorandum of Understanding with the African Union, and WFP continues to provide administrative services support to ARC Agency through an Administrative Service Agreement.

In 2014, ARC launched its initial risk insurance product for Member States through its financial affiliate, the ARC Insurance Company Limited (ARC Ltd)[2]. ARC Ltd is a specialist hybrid mutual insurance company and Africa’s first ever disaster insurance pool, aggregating risk by issuing insurance policies to participating governments and transferring it to international markets. ARC Ltd uses the Group’s satellite weather surveillance software, Africa RiskView, to determine the risk to be transferred to ARC by estimating the impact of drought on vulnerable populations and the response costs required to mitigate the risk before a season begins. Members of the ARC risk pool receive a payout when the rainfall deviation is sufficiently severe such that the estimated response costs, as determined by the software and the risk transfer parameters selected by each country, cross a pre-defined threshold. A similar process will be followed for ARC’s new products that are currently under development.

ARC has set three strategic objectives to steer the organisation towards its goals and objectives as follows:

Strategic Objective 1; To Innovate: ARC aims to develop innovative solutions with the objective of reducing costs, increasing reliability and building credibility as a disaster response agency

Strategic Objective 2: To Strengthen: ARC intends to strengthen disaster risk management on the continent by improving early warning systems as well as streamlining country engagement and capacity building

Strategic Objective 3: To Grow: ARC’s vision is to pursue growth through increased scalability and sustainability of its operations on the continent

  • In pursuit of/with reference to SO 3 there is therefore an immediate need to increase the organisation’s fundraising capacity and secure sustainable sources of funding to enable implementation of the ARC Group strategy in the mid and long-term.
  • It is against the above background that ARC is looking for a Senior Fundraising Consultant with demonstrated experience to assist in mobilising the necessary financial resources to build a sustainable and diversified portfolio of support for ARC Group activities and special projects for the next 5 years.

Rationale and objective for the consultancy

  • At this junction and with the growing demand of its member countries for both premium support and capacity building initiatives, sufficient resources are critical in delivering on the ARC Group mandate and to enable the implementation of the organisation’s strategy.
  • The main objective of this assignment is to assist the ARC Group in developing a comprehensive funding and investment strategy that considers the organisation’s operational needs and resource mobilisation for all special projects is therefore critical to the ARC programme, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 crisis which is changing donor interests and reshaping the Disaster Risk Management landscape.

Scope of Work

  • This assignment will comprise of the following 4 major steps:

Step 1: Develop ARC Group Fundraising Strategy

  • Conduct a comprehensive funding needs assessment for the organisation for the next 4-5 years (strategy 2021-2024) and beyond in alignment with ARC strategic objectives and priorities;
  • Define concrete action plans, key responsibilities and priorities for fundraising based on identified funding pillars;
  • Identify potential donors;
  • Review and reshape the current ARC fundraising strategy, advise on strategies for sustainable fundraising and propose an implementation plan; and
  • Develop a robust Monitoring & Evaluation system to track fundraising progress against set targets and objectives.

Step 2: Conduct an extensive donor mapping

  • Scan the current and potential donor and partnership landscape in Disaster Risk Management and Finance;
  • Map donors’ strategic areas of interest, funds available, grantees, funding windows, requirements, guidelines and interest in funding ARC key areas to identify potential donors for the various strategic and regional areas, including traditional bilateral and multilateral donors, new/emerging donors, private sector, foundations, Civil Society Organisations and advise on the feasibility of securing multi-year and thematic funding;
  • Develop a plan for donor retention as well as donor acquisition to expand the donor pipeline; and
  • Explore opportunities for partnerships and recommend best practices to develop and maintain strategic partnerships and fruitful engagement with key partners.
  • Propose and oversee donor events

Step 3: Undertake an Investor mapping

  • Identify potential investors and advise on a plan to attract investors for ARC Ltd; and
  • Develop a comprehensive investor engagement plan.

Step 4: Develop a Communication and outreach plan

  • Develop a Communication Strategy and storytelling in a bid to enhance ARC’s relevance and visibility in the Disaster Risk Management Landscape continentally and globally;
  • Include a donor communication plan designed to strengthen donor relations, facilitate reporting and ensure donors are kept informed on key strategic developments; and
  • Propose ARC Group fundraising visibility and outreach action plans, including roadshows, roundtable discussions and strategic engagements at the highest levels.
  • Create briefings, proposal templates and materials and other communications for major donors
  • Support creation of visual marketing and presentation tools (e.g. slide decks, infographics);
  • Develop proposal templates tailored to public and private sector investments/funding.


The expected deliverables are as follows:

  • Inception Assessment Report which will guide the initial view of the scope of work;
  • Integrated multi-year Group Fundraising Strategy;
  • Investor development plan for ARC Ltd (equity, blended finance )
  • Multi-year premium support fundraising strategy
  • Final report, recommendations and an implementation plan; and
  • Monitoring and Evaluation systems for tracking progress

Required skills and experience


  • A Master’s Degree in the International Relations, Social Sciences, Communications, Economics or Development studies.


  • A minimum of ten years’ experience in the development sector, preferably in fundraising, resource mobilisation or stakeholder engagement;
  • Demonstrated track-record in securing funds for development organisations from the global donor community and private sector;
  • Proven and successful track record in fundraising in a development environment;
  • A solid understanding of the investment environment in the private sector;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Fluency in English language and working knowledge of French;
  • Sound knowledge of institutional and private sector donors;
  • Experience with climate change programmes, with knowledge of the climate adaptation funds and international dialogues and debates on climate change adaptation is a plus; and
  • Experience in working with private public partnerships would be an added advantage.


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