Volunteer Program at Seniors for Change, Bangalore

Seniors for Change, Bangalore, India

Job Description

Volunteers & Interns Job Description

Selection Process

The overall aim of the recruitment and selection process is to attract, people with the required competencies in order to satisfy the Volunteer needs of the organization.
Interns need to have a Letter from the Institution they are from. In case an Intern is from a corporate, then he needs a letter from his Head of Department stating a detailed outlay for the internship, Motive, End Goal & Period for the Internship.

Sources of Recruitment: The sources of recruitment could be from Direct Individual(s) or Corporate References as well as applications from Educational Institutions (preferably PG Candidates).

Resignation: If an Intern decides to cut short his/her Internship, then, the individual will need a letter from their Head of Department, Team Leader, Professor etc.

Note: In case an Intern fails to provide such a letter, then a Letter of Experience will not be provided to them.

Working Hours & Attendance

  • Volunteers need to come to the Seniors for Change Centers on weekdays.
  • Volunteers are expected to come to Seniors for Change for at least 4 Days every Week & for at least 4 Hours.
  • Volunteers may be placed at any of the Centers, based on both, their accessibility & the needs of the Centers.

Discipline & Code of Conduct

  • Use the silent mode on your Mobile Phone when at the Centre.
  • Volunteers should have no discrimination towards our students.
  • The volunteers should not disturb teachers or students during the sessions.
  • While working and observing children, talk in a low tone (volume).
  • Volunteers are requested not to interfere with the Academic Program of the student; they need to follow the instruction of the concerned teacher.
  • Work, which is assigned to the volunteers, should be completed as per the scheduled time.
  • Each volunteer will be given a scheduled time to work with at our partner schools & destitute home, if the volunteer is unable to come in that time, please inform the concerned authorities.
  • The certificate of appreciation will be granted only if the Authorities are satisfied with the work of volunteers.
  • We would like to regulate the number of Volunteers at our premises to 3 (three) Volunteers at any given time. In case there are more than 3 Volunteers, then we would like to split them in batches, thereby limiting their number(s) to 3.

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